Please remove the 3 campaign missions from daily missions in the next update

Please remove 3 campaign missions from daily mission items in the next update because:

  1. The campaign rewards themselves are good enough for players to take them. No need to add them to daily missions. It’s redundant.
  2. There are just not enough campaign missions to sustain the 3 daily missions for a long time. Mine can only last for 29 more days. I did finish quite some in the beginning, but these probably would just add an extra week.

So unless you will add enough new campaign missions every update, please remove them from the daily missions in the next update since the campaign missions will run out by then. It’s extremely boring to replay 3 times daily without any rewards.


Replaying them counts appaerntly


Yes, it counts. But it just is super boring and pointless.
Really dont know why Ludia wants me to play the same campaign missions over and over again…


If they count as battles/takedowns for the alliance I’ll happily do them 30x over


I believe it does, but that’s your choice, not obligations. I just dislike this being included as an obligation. Daily missions are obligations to get the daily rewards.

Also, it’s better to redo the easy raids to get the battle counts because you get 4 at the same time, plus incubators. You don’t get incubators from redoing campaign missions.

Just suggesting at least removing this part when the next update comes. At that time, the current campaign missions will run out doing 3 a day.

Finally, no campaign in the daily mission today. It’s a good start.


I don’t think already completed will count.

Already completed does count. It’s already been tested.

I didn’t have that mission today, either, for the first time since it was released.

Yes. Campaign of daily mission is really annoying.

You can do the easiest campaing missions in 1 min.
Nots the problem and you got 125 coins for it

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Yes it counts

To be fair I only get this a couple of times a week…

Yes, this is what I am already doing. And it is annoying.

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Is the easiest dairy mission

Doesn’t really mater. All the other missions I anyhow would achieve by just playing the game. And by doing things that actually are benefiting me.

  • Doing battles? Sure, I anyhow want the DBI and content of the incubators
  • Darting XYZ? Sure, I anyhow want the DNA
  • FIP? Again, I anyhow want the DNA
  • Spinning drops? Sure, free cash, coins, boosts and FIPs

Re-doing already completed campaign mission is the only mission that does not make sense at all.


Maybe more campaign missions will be added as the game goes along? Play the campaign slowly for now and see what happens.

I think in the short term, while most players are still campaigning and with it being only once/twice a week its not a major issue, I’ve simply not hit the campaign much unless it’s for the task, If however in a few months time its still coming up regularly, when for the most part existing players will be more or less done, or if it becomes a more regular task at that point it may be more of an issue.