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Please remove the characters automatically unmatching the player

I seriously wish they’d remove the characters unmatching you feature entirely, life gets in the way, people save up gems (since the gem system is ridiculously unbalanced), and it’s just unnecessary.

When a character unmatches you, you still pick up the conversation right where you left off like nothing happened if you rematch, you still can’t match with their counterpart instead, nothing! It’s an entirely useless mechanic.

If it’s meant to emulate real life and how people may unmatch if you don’t talk for awhile, then why is there no actual follow through on consequences? If you rematch, everything’s the same, what was the point? You can’t match with their counterpart, what was the point? Also, it’s a game! It’s a game where I can date a werewolf, a vampire, an A.I., and a supervillain! That particular aspect of realism is totally unnecessary.

If it’s meant to keep the player engaged then it also fails at that. At least, it does for me as somebody with anxiety. When I see “this character will unmatch you soon!” I just get really anxious and don’t open the app because I don’t want to see that screen and I don’t want to deal with that. The feature discourages me from opening the app.

So yeah, I don’t think that characters should autonomously unmatch the player. It’s a useless mechanic that only serves to frustrate or upset player.


Yeah it really sucks tbh. I like to be a completionist in games and this one just doesn’t make that possible. It’s almost like they have the unmatching feature for no reason? It’s not like you can even spend money to get out of these situations so like what’s the point of having it as a possibility at all. Playing hard to get, Lovelink?

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