Please remove the constant reminder to watch video ads

The reminders to watch the video ads to get the tiny amount of darts and cash are just constantly showing there. This masks the real reminders that when the free incubators are ready or something actually good is offered from the in-game mail.

Please give us the options to turn the ads off. We are paying for VIPs, and don’t want to be constantly reminded to watch the ads for nothing.


I’m always like ooo is it something important? then it’s just the reminder


I complained about this the instant it came out couple of weeks ago, yet nobody else seemed bothered!

It’s just naked greed for next-to-no player benefit. Tbh generally the revenue generation is respectful, but this is too much.

I didnt have it before this update, now I do and its so damn annoying.

Same. These were not there before the update.

I despise it as well. I keep thinking it’s for my Free Inc, buy it’s just the dumb reminder to watch an add for a miniscule amount of cash, darts, or a second Free Inc.

Agreed. The annoying adverts on this game seem to be getting more aggressive with every update. I don’t want VIP, I don’t want to watch a video for a sub-par reward.

Want me to watch a video? Gimme 50 rare DNA for it then. Anything less isn’t worth the battery.


I like the free incubator, but the darts and cash are close to nothing. Only got one free incubator.

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I’m not VIP and this happens to me. It is not really annoying, and most people wouldn’t know if that wasn’t there, because most people don’t check the dart section, but they should make it less, " WATCH THIS ADD TO GET DARTS" right in your face.

Agreed, it just makes me want to watch even less. Might make me leave the game altohether

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The constant reminder is annoying, extremely annoying.

But I enjoy the feature overall.


this remembers me that 99 notification number on lab icon from creatures ready to level up.

Yes!!! This. Please get rid of the constant reminder, I keep thinking my 6-hour incubator is done cooking. :angry:

Mines the bucks lol and sometimes the incubator but I’m mostly annoyed from the bucks

lol, notification fiesta. :dancer::man_dancing:

is that 99 badge back for lab icon? i won’t level up those dinos anyway.

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that reminds me I hate the notifications saying, "HEY REDO THE CAMPAIGN!!!’’


one more thing: every time i choose to watch, i see the same ads.

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Wow, so you actually watched! :astonished:

I usually click, go do my business, come back to click “x”


That happens on a lot of mobile games. Back when I played Sonic Dash, I would sometimes get the same ad 3 times in a row. Makes watching ads even more annoying (especially when it’s that one ad with an annoying/awful song :weary:)

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Since I’m on an Apple the free Tapjoy dinobucks aren’t available to me. So I like being able to watch ads to get some free extras like the dinobucks and extra incubator. But I don’t feel I need a reminder for them. Half the time the reminders didn’t work correctly before so I rarely pay attention to them.