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Please remove the Daily battle


Please remove the daily battle incubator from the daily missions as it is not fair to the campers! Unless of course you start the high score in tournament thing! That will eliminate the need for camping

Please remove daily battle incubator from daily missions



I also camp now for at least 7 days :smiley: but have no problem with this (because alanqa dna is just not useful) and when 1.6 hits and t-rex takes over I will fight until my fingers can’t smash buttons anymore :smiley:

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That is why I posted this! Not for now but after 1.6 when it is TRex dna!


I understand this but if nothing changes: If I have to choose battling for 50-100 t-rex dna/day or camping for an epic incubator (knowing my luck with useless dna) I would go battling all the way

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Rewards will be less… Due to the revamped missions

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if they give me 50 t-rex instead of 100 alanqa dna I am still happy :smiley:


alanqa and alanquylosaurus are getting both a buff :blush:
But yeah,i love T-rex!
I think they should change every day on a random epic non-hybrid dinosaure!


I welcome changing to T-Rex DNA, but I would prefer regularly rotating between like T-Rex / Ankylosaurus / Rajasaurus / Sinoceratops … these useful DNA.

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Seems to me that is just a choice in the game. Do you want a definite Epic incubator with the possibility of fantastic DNA, or the chance of all garbage DNA or… Do you want to go for a known amount of a specified DNA every day you can complete the missions?

As many others have pointed out, the incubators you lose by ‘camping’ give more DNA, and the chances for better DNA, than the guaranteed Epic you get for camping. Every day you camp you lose out on several 3 hour and an 8 hour incubator. And the 15 minute one! I have received great DNA from it.

Or go back and look through posts here. How many have there been after every Tournament that said they received nothing useful from the reward incubator? Perhaps all the users who received fantastic DNA just never posted about it?

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Ludia, please remove that from daily missions as not everybody wants to use that part of the game. It’s way too frustrating and unfair and I rather do more friendly challenges than that.


What about those of us who are happy with it and want it?

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I did not ask Ludia to remove the whole battling area from the game. I only asked them to remove one daily battle incubator from daily missions list. It’s not nice they force people to participate in battles when people might not want it because it’s not as enjoyable as it used to be in the past.


I understand now. That makes sense.


I agree with removing it from the daily mission pool, or at least do not make it a regular one. Perhaps once or twice a week.

I do not care for the new battle meta, at all, so do not battle. I more than fulfill every other mission as I enjoy the hunting and friendly battle part of the game. Most days it is the only mission preventing me from collecting, so I do not get the daily reward.


I also agree with this.

Today’s daily mission does not require opening incubators or fighting many battles, so perfect opportunity to activate my 24 hour epic incubator…

Oh wait! I have to open 1 daily battle incubator, but i gotta kill 7 more dinos, so yeah can’t open my 24hr incubator. Sure I could do some quick run battles just to get the kills but I only ever battle to get incubators because the arena matching is so screwed up.

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I understand you might not like the arena… but you dont even have to win matches… just kill some dinos… its a pretty easy quest and its for rex dna people complained rex dna was to rare and now you can get enough rex dna for a tryko fuse every 3 days and the limiting factor is losing 5 battles?

Not to mention the daily battles incubator is an alliance mission on all ranks. So your not only helping yourself out but also others in your alliance.


I only fight in the arena for incubators, if i have no free slot i don’t fight. The whole reason i do this is so i dont plummet in the ranks. I was at 3800 recently, back down to 3300. So adding more fights on top of it for the daily battle incubator will make it worse. So when you say you don’t have to even win matches, think about why people fight in the arena, or more importantly don’t fight as often.

Also as for alliance mission, the daily battle incubator one was finished in my alliance long long time ago, so no it doesn’t help my alliance mission.


This game as TWO rankings. The true one which is only 2 or 3 days before the end of a tournament (you were likely 3800 then) when everybody is truly going for their highest rank, and the wrong rank, which is the rest of the time, when about 25% of the players are unranking themselves so they can win quick and easy battles because the rank is based only on trophy count. Those 25% lazy players then pounce legit players, so basicaly, this also push down legit players in rank. Those now lower legit players are then also pouncing other players with their better dinos and so on, and so on. So for every lazy unranking players, the number of players going down in rank also increase a LOT. So the way I see it, your true rank is really 3800, and your “sad” rank because ranking can be so easy manipulated is 3300. Until the end of the next tournament, you can now play as many battles as you want, you will always average 3300, then go up slowly to your real rank as the next future tournament will be close to the end. (well, those two numbers will go up because you’ll also get better dinos). Ludia really have to change something to the rank system, and it should not based only on trophy count, just to avoid those wild swing we see. But until then, battle away, you have simply hit your “sad” rank, not your true rank, and you won’t likely go down any further.