Please remove zones

Ludia, please remove zones.

I fed up with getting the same creatures which I don’t need at all. As I can’t leave the house, I can’t reach any creatures that I need.

During this quarantina time, every creatures should be equally reachable.


im glad to see that im not the only one who feels like this. it does baffle me as to why ludia didnt make everything spawn on you with the scents or move everything closer to the players range.

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Yeah, without zones we would have 4x more variety. There is no reason for them to exist


There was a reason, but now that we can’t leave our homes, we’re dependent on the events … and even those aren’t guaranteed to be near, even with the increased range.


What reason? Why should we have lesser variety of dinos?

When we were free to roam, having different zones made people walk to catch stuff they needed. It is a GPS-based game after all.


If we had clear borders, ok. But zones are too big and you don’t exactly know their borders

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Some indicator of a zone would have been nice. I know where to find my city’s zones after making my own map, but would be nice to see where it ends in-game.

Maybe with JP style signs that show what critters can be found in what area, kind of like in that old NES game.


No. The pool would become too diluted. You still wouldn’t be able to find the creatures you want.


We definitely need zones so that if we’re targeting one specific dinosaur (especially with scents we’ve paid for), we’re not trying to find it in a hugely diluted pool. However, zones should rotate every month (or couple weeks, or whatever) so that everyone gets the opportunity to hunt in all of them.


Agreed, or zones should just have borders or something, or a slight shading on the map so you can tell when you leave one zone and enter another.


As already mentioned, without zones and parks the pool would be very diluted. It would be variety but it would soon be just the same creatures spawning that you dun need. Example Eina, Deino, Para and Tricera G2 on top of Nunda, Apato and Arche. The lesser Common spawns would be less frequent and the Rare spawns would be more than rare. Forget Epic spawns. Any scent used will have a 90% chance of spawning a common and depending on what type of scent, the remaining 10% will be common only; rare with commons or 1 epic, 1.rare and rest commons.

Rotating the zones is best.


I like the shading idea. I thought in the past about they could have different colored drops… Orange, Yellow, Blue and Purple. Green of course are event drops.

Anyway, I’ve pretty much memorized what creatures are which zones so I can tell which zone I’m in when I’m out traveling.

My problem has been that I live and work in a Zone 1. Now working from home, I live and work in Zone 1.


We are trapped at our houses. There is death outside, it is not a joke. While I am boring staying at home, I open the game without any hope to find the creatures I need. Without zones, the pool will be big, ok, but at least I will have chance to find the create that is required to me. Now I have zero chance.

Are zones gridded up like that? I am surprised that someone hasn’t worked it out and posted something online where which zone is. That would be very useful.

I do think that for the duration zones should be removed or at the very least gigascents should be all zones.

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I’ve wanted zone rotation since the game launched. Along with colour coded borders on the in game map, mapping out each zone. Like he/she said now we are lockded down we need something. Zone scents or removal. I run giga scents now and literally only dart turtles Erlik and quetz.

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Removing the global anytime commons from the mix and adding all four zones would help keep it from getting too diluted. 150k Archae and the other global commons are maxed besides sucho. The idea of having zone themed scents has come up many times since launch and now would be the right time. Any changes would be greatly appreciated.

At least for the duration of the Giga Scents I wish they’d either get rid of or rotate the zones. We all have a lot of our home zone creatures, but now it’s getting just insane. If they would do Giga Scents featuring the creatures of other zones I’d be so happy.

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We need zones but they should rotate and the creatures found should be in a rotation cycle probably every 2 months

They could create a scent like Local 1 Scent and so on till L4 and do Park scents for such creatures

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