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Please renew this item!

I’ve been thinking about this for a long time
This is a USELESS Legendary item :frowning:
need to renewal.
wizard is NOT a suicide unit :worried:

meteor / horrid wilting / cloudkill
haste / enlarged person
obscuring mist / confusion… whatever!

SFMBE, thx :slight_smile:


Since this is a passive slot, I would suggest “Mirror Image” (critical miss chance) or “Stoneskin” (damage reduction)


I just got it, and I was pumped. She always dies anyways. Now it will be useful. I can’t wait to level it up.

Hi, Horke.
just 25% on death at lv.4

Don’t kill wizard.
she is a very powerful dealer (she has even CCs)
why don’t you use Tankers (Fighter, Barbarian or Paladin)
then it will be No Problem! :slight_smile:

They stink. The wizard does real damage in the two or three shots she gets.

how about this?

+1 initiative
start of turn :
L1 : 25%, 1 ally
L2 : 25%, 1 zone
L3 : 25%, 2 zone
L4 : 50%
…like this

this item is so lame now

Has anyone tried using this with death ward on the wizard (from cleric)? is it possible to aoe over and over? lol

i think that’s really cool

wizard is dead > aoe > spell reset > …

but the problem is i can’t give DEATH WARD to wizard only. just RNG :woozy_face:

as well as only 25% chance of AoE at L4

Yea I was thinking with just Cleric and Wizard left, it would be 50/50 chance. Hard to do though, but otherwise, yes I agree this item would need a rework, haste would be perfect!