Please Replace Yellow Supplies With Green Ones, Ludia

Ludia, please replace the green supplies for the yellow ones only for this week as three legendaries and two uniques would be around. Out of which I am going for antarcovenator, But there’s a really low probability of it spawning in my radius with only one green drop. I would be really annoyed if I didn’t manage to get my favorite creature’s hybrid I always dreamed of, I remember I could see two green supplies on Tuesday that got replaced by yellows the day after, I guess it’s possible the other way around. I absolutely agree the main aspect of the game is to go out and get them but it’s not possible for me in this pandemic, there are many more people like me who wish this would happen.
I would be really thankful Ludia if this is enforced only this Sunday :slightly_smiling_face:
And Wish You all a Happy New Year :balloon::balloon::balloon::tada::tada::tada::tada:


I seriously hope ludia could increase the spawn rate of the green supply drops, maybe even have em spawn as much as the proceratosaurus infestation lol. Since, sunday has 3 legendaries and 2 uniques, its really frustrating when you can’t dart em because they’re out of reach and not in ur circle. Missed the chance 2 dart dilocheirus and the instant charge chicken since they were out of range, yay. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE LUDIA!!! INCREASE THE SPAWNRATE OR SOMETHIN OF THE GREEN SUPPLY DROPS!!!


Please LUDIA increase the green supplies

you mean the other way around…

It is soooo annoying as on a normal week (with no legendaries or uniques) I am surrounded by commons on Monday and Tuesday, surrounded by rares on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday but no epics on Saturday or Sunday. Same applies to weeks with legendaries and uniques. Only on these weeks the legendaries and uniques are on the 200m mark which means I get barely any DNA for them


Doesn’t look they are listening to us… :worried:

As soon as the Wednesday reset occurs every green stop disappears from around my circle. I have 3 when it’s only commons down to zero when it’s rares.

To make it even worse come the weekend the green drop (note the singular use of the green) that is walkable in 5 minutes disappears and the nearest isn’t even visible!

I drive to the local shop a mile and a half away and see two stops so at least I get that, but since the lockdown is now fully enforced I can’t even do that with a clear conscience.

It really is a pitiful show from Ludia in these troubled times and clearly is designed to be this way. If the green stops can be there on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, then why do they disappear for the rest of the week?


Agreed, but I didn’t even have the common drops around my house this week, nor the rares! I have one epic so far off the map that I’m lucky if I dart 100 DNA. Given the current situation, we really need these increased (and please, lower the common strike events! No one needs two within dart range of each other).