Please return the drone dot back to black

I hate the new drone. The red dot is impossible to see on the creatures. Please give us the option to go back to the old version if we want.


Seems I missed this part of the patch notes, as I was really surprised to see it had changed. The new reticle isn’t nice. Bring the old one back. Stop changing features that no one has any issues with.


Haven’t seen it yet but I’m assuming it’s bad from what your saying

Agreed… at least they should give us an option to change it how we like. Forcefully changing it for everyone is just… no

Could it at least be a contrasting color, like green or white? Right now it blends right in @Ned



We have 3 different versions already with the speed of it, surely they can do the same with the color of the dot or just let us have the old one back


That’s just awful

Thanks, everyone! I’ll provide the feedback to our team.


Agreed… a different color than a transparent grey-ish/white would be nice.

It’s almost the same colour as the creatures we are trying to dart. Far from ideal this new dot.

Not even kind of, it can almost exact.

It’s like Where’s Waldo with the dot :rofl:


Yeah, it’s gonna be super fun to try and dart at night… :sob:

Oh jeez I didn’t even think about that! It’s going to blend right in to the background.

Yuuuuup, unless you turn your brightness WAY up.

In the little time I had to dart I found the new dot a lot easier. I guess I’m the odd one out today. :slight_smile:

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Yes!!! Please ludia listen to this!! I haven’t even seen it and I don’t want to experience it!

which is fine! I’ve heard others say they prefer it. What I’m asking is for them to give us a choice at least.


now they changed the drone too… eh ludia how funny

Agreed. An option like the drone types would be a good idea.