Please return the drone dot back to black

the title says it all - please remove the dot <3 It doesn’t work well and makes aiming much harder. It’s like having a piece of dirt permanently stuck to your screen. I know you wanted to help - and that is appreciated, but this is very frustrating lol :slight_smile:

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I actually love it. I think it’s better by a mile.


Anyone else not like the bigger dot for targeting the drone dna I find im getting way less dna now with the supposed better targeting

If they wanted to help a better way would be put the dot back to smaller black and increase the target on the dinosours

I find i getlike 50 to 100 less dna each time now

The size of the dot is fine for me. The issue is that it’s the same colour than the creatures you try to dart then you have no clue where the dot is…

I like that you guys have changed the cross hair on the drone, however for those of us who are colorblind with Deuteranomaly and partial Tritanopia your red is brown and blends right into whatever I am darting and totally disappears the only time I can see it is when it’s on the White spot, it would be nice if you could make a color change option for it?


Oh but don’t you want unnecessary changes? Forget about all the serious problems that we never intend on fixing

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My dot never changed from black. It’s that an iPhone thing?

I thought it was because i am colorblind ;p i cant see it at all

That sucks - I really was hoping they’d allow us to choose from like 8 different colors, which would help people like you. Being there are many different types of color blindness out there, a “one size fits all” type change isn’t really the best way to go. Especially not when they chose a color so close to the palette of the creature’s bodies to begin with. It’s supposed to be a CONTRAST, like basically the opposite.

I guess the problem with that is the opposite is somewhere in the blue/purple range, but that then blends right in with the background, so you wouldn’t be able to see it when the dot wasn’t on top of a creature, which is most of the time.


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It seems yellow would work for the 4 cases. It might just be harder for tritanopia

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I would love to see the dot gone entirely myself - or the option to turn it off. I was regularly darting in the 300’s on commons (basic account not VIP) and now I am in the 200’s. The dot literally gives me anxiety as well bc it moves in and out of the cross hairs whick makes accuracy very difficult. I HATE the dot

White circle around the black dot would help a little I think.

I hate to say it but that big dot is distracting and causing me to dart worse.

I would love to have the option to turn off the new drone dot. I personally am struggling with it quite a bit, and am now darting much worse scores than before the dot existed. I know some people say it helps, but for me it doesn’t - I actually get confused and disoriented using it because it doesn’t always line up with the cross hairs when the drone is moving, which throws me off even more. I know others love the dot - so I don’t want to see it removed for their sake, but it would be nice for people like me to have the option to turn it off :slight_smile:


Neon/bright green would work great. But white would be good as well.

Of all the things wrong with the game…this, you complain about? (Remember me?:wink:) Don’t worry, I won’t post any memes about how ludia messed up the game!

Any update on this one @Ned ? As we get into Fall/Winter, darting at night is going to be more common and this new dot is extremely hard to see (when on top of most creatures) at night.


Perhaps give options in ‘settings’ for dot color, but I do agree that anything close to body colour is difficult to see. White would work well on most everything fwiw.