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Please return the drone dot back to black

I got adjusted to the new larger dot so it no longer distracts me.

Ok, so by lack of response means there are no plans to address it. Got it.

Can I suggest then that rather than this insistence to fix things that aren’t broken, we get the devs to fix the bugs that have been around since forever? Seems like a much better allocation of resources than “fix” darting (aka making changes that actually reduce peoples darting scores so they need to spend even more time in game)

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Sorry about the delayed response, Somedinoguy! I’ll poke our team on this again.

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Maybe the change to darting wasn’t intentional :thinking: I still can’t figure out why something that wasn’t broken was changed to begin with. No matter the color of the dot, the cross hairs and dot no longer keep up with the drone. 420 and the occasional 450 used to be common, but now direct hits in general have plummeted.