Please rework or get rid of tournaments

First off, they aren’t tournaments, which I guess Ludia figured out because now they call them seasons. Still just people playing the game though, so all the fanfare seems really bizarre. “Hey! Look at this! Play the game like you always do! If you are one of the people who is already at the top of the leaderboard, we hope you like free stuff!”

It rewards the wealthiest players and cheaters and screws everyone else. In the last 48 hours I dropped 500 trophies and I couldn’t figure it out-- then it hit me, oh right, the tournament is about to end so there is a mad rush to get into the Top 500, which for average players just translates to having all the hard work of grinding to get to the next arena erased in a single bad slump.

I don’t care about tournaments. I will never make the top. I have 0 desire to compete. You have thousands, if not millions of players. I get that you need an incentive to keep the top players giving you money, but there has to be a way to do it that does not affect the standing of the rest of us. We don’t care, we just want to play. And if every month I’m just gonna be dropped down an entire arena I see no real point in playing this game anymore. It’s the antithesis of fun. And for the record I am not completely F2P, I have put at least $150 into this game, probably more.


Why did you wait to drop 500 before you stopped?

But more seriously … for players with no interest in free* stuff, Tournaments really don’t mean much than a day or two of frustration (lot of solutions to this).

I do enjoy the tournaments just because it mixes things up. That said, there are obviously improvements that need to be made. The issue with the length has already been addressed.
Next up, i hope the match making algorithm gets fixed.

But to say you’re not having fun so they must be put to an end seems grandiose.


Seasons are broken just a way of keeping mid range players at mid range for excruciating amount of time regardless of time/money thrown at game also brings out all the spoof who have a superiority complex. Why not just monthly award the higher players? The reset is a blatant money grab as it ensures that lower players will be fighting up hill for up to 20 days in arena after losing whatever progress was made before the season unless they fork out on coins to level up. My partner don’t even play the game anymore cause she likely to see uniques in the starting arenas against her lvl 10s!!! that’s not a feature that should be forced on everyone

I just drop down to the tournament minimum level before each start, I have plenty of other walls to hit my head against.

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