Please Rework Weekly Alliance Missions

I can’t be alone with this complaint, but it is really troublesome to have rank 9 battles or rank 9 darts gated behind other tasks. Please just have 10 ranks of each task operate independently from each other so we can start on them earlier in the week. It’s really lame to have DBI be responsible for having hundreds of battles not count towards the next rank. Have the lowest ranked task choose the weekly incubator, but let us work towards each defense or exploration item separately.

Example: the current system requires you to complete the following for each rank of defense → interactions, battles, takedowns, incubators, daily battle incubators. Completion of all five unlocks the next level, and any additional performance in any of these categories prior to ranking up is lost.

My system: Have interactions, battles, takedowns, incubators, and daily battle incubators rank up individually during the week as you complete them. Every battle in this system counts towards rank 10, as does every take down, etc. At the end of the week, the LOWEST ranked category determines the alliance reward (ie if you got to rank 9 battles but rank 10 in everything else, you’d get the rank 9 reward). This new system would allow people to constantly contribute to all categories rather than have to wait on alliance members to finish things like DBI before their battles contribute to the next reward tier.

Those would both likely still be the bottlenecks for the missions, but i understand your point. I just wish the rewards scaled better than they currently do. To get 10 in defense is a hard task to complete and the number of battles does not track with the other mission objectives equally. Getting 10 should provide higher rewards than it does based on the effort put in. Here is a Chart that shows the Epic reward dna that goes with each rank from 6-10 in defense. It does not stay on the same trajectory as battles and takedowns.