Please rotate continental dinos!

That Fukuimimus is so op among legendaries. How can we non-Europeans compete in advantages missing such a strong creature?

Continental dinos are supposed to be for collection purposes only. When one of these is made extremely op, all players should have a chance to build it. However, even with a hybrid week, we can only get 10 Struth if we are lucky, due to the super low epic spawn rates. If we ask for donations to build it every week, it will take two years to level it up to lv30. At that time, it sure have been already irrelevant.

Please rotate continental dinos, so it’s fair to all players.


Or at least make the other continental hybrids on par with Fukuimimus…


Absolutely. They should be balanced. Now Fukui is the craziest among all legendaries, but Glyptoceras is utterly useless!


Sanctuaries are your friend. I am part of an alliance with a co-op and due to that I’ve had the chance to get all continentals quickly. I do agree that continentals should be more available to all players, bit right now that’s the best way to do so.

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It’s doable, but then you are wasting all these FIPs and time on a continental dino that Europeans can get for free vs. building something else.

I agree, but aren’t they bound to specific continents because they were discovered there? You can’t do a rotation then, but they can however make them global. And maybe introduce 3 new ones or so.
But in general the whole concept is stupid.


Agree. Make them global, and introduce 3 new ones that are for collection purposes only.

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I think it’s like someone else here said, you can get those creatures through the shrines, I have the 3 mainlanders, and their hybrids too and he got them when they almost came out thanks to the cooperation in my alliance with the shrines.

Is it good to use fuki in gyro depot cuz I’m there

As part of hybrid pursuit, they’ve given the other continental creatures like Rincenia & Stegoceras.

Why not Struthiomimus?

I’d rather just get rid of continental dinos to begin with.

It’s hard enough just getting normal exclusives as it is, if you’re in an alliance without members from North America, Asia or Europe then there’s no way to even get Stegoceras, Struthiomimus, or Rinchenia.

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Yeah because I can get stegoceros but not struthio so I bet it will get a good hybrid and I can’t get it :frowning:

Or just balance them all so they are all about in upper low elite, and with the non hybrids make them equal too

Its true about fukui but maybe if you cant reach it you better find another alliance

You got any in mind?

Well obvious choices would be like apex predators, beaver and pals or tryko carnage. But I don’t know many, but in general you only need a member that lives on europe and shares its sanctuary. But if you find an alliance Raptor attack or another one that has description saying you need discord to enter is probably that is decent.

Or the should add a raid for it.

I luv the gaming beaver he is awesome

me too dude

I want him to put more Jwa vids up