Please rotate continental dinos!

I want to join but I’m prob a nobodyXD

I was watching a stream of him on july 2021 and I saw his alliance had a spot left so I left my alliance, I tried to ask him if I could be in but he did not notice so I spend a week to return to an alliance XD

Same thing I I had a good alliance and I did not remember the name XD

It was like Texas

Maybe if players want join an alliance I think on his discord there is a section of alliances so if you are not from europe everyone could find a good alliance

O ok you watch ells?

She is pretty’s good too

I havent watch here in a while but I do
I just been re watching beaver playing raids

What is your alliance? I might want to join it

XD that is the same that I do my fave raid is still mortem

You wanna start a private message to talk about jwa

Yeah pal sure
Here is the name btw Raptor attack unfortunaly is full
But you can talk to one of the leaders on future if you want to join we have 2 max lv sanctuaries and even a discord for the alliance and allies

Alr cool noice

Yk how to do a private message

No not yet XD

Oof XD well what is your team in Jwa

Hi everyone, let’s please stay on topic of the original post. Thank you!

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Trykosaurus Lv 24
Geminititan lv 26
Magnapyritor ( 154 spd)
Skoonna 23
Scorpius 24
Indotaurus 25

Can you tell us how to do a private message pls so we can just chat

Yes we just got along XD Alot