Please Rotate Spawn Zones


I have been playing this game for a little over two months. Other than the prices on some of the items that are being offered are a little too high, I have really enjoyed playing this game.

I try to spend at least two hours a day playing. However, the majority the time that I have to play either has to be played in the area where I live or in the area where I work. Unfortunately, both of these areas spawn the exact same dinos (Triceratops Gen 2, that little green worm looking dino and Iguanadon). I believe Metahub calls these areas L3. I do try to go to different areas and neighborhoods to find the other ones but there’s only so much time I can spend doing that. Also, even when you go to those different areas you’re only there for short time. A lot of times when you get to those other areas not many dinos are out. You only have so much time to spend there so you leave disappointed.

There is a very easy way to fix this. Just changing around what dinosaurs spawn in what areas fixes this. I don’t understand why Ludia can’t rotate the spawn zones every month or two.

Ludia, give us ACTUAL spawn zone migrations

Be easier to Rotate which zone we are in. As there are 4 zones and a hundred plus dino’s.

L1 to L2
L2 to L3
L3 to L4
L4 to L1



I’m in the exact same position as you. Local 3 at home and local 3 at work. Watching previously equal rivals rack up multiple uniques while I still have just the indoraptor.

I’m for random redistribution of spawn zones instead of rotating though. I’d prefer home and work not stuck being the same zone (even if it rotates).


U That’s why I think rotating zones is number 1, easy and number 2, beneficial to all players. You have player sitting in zones that have really good dinosaurs that spawn there all the time and they get to rack up on the ones that we all wish we could see every day. They get to create the dinos we wish we had the DNA for. It’s not that we don’t go to those areas to try to find those dinos but you can’t stay there all the time waiting for something to show up.


Rotate zones once per week.


Newbie, here. Would you have a link for the zones so I can learn about them? Thank you so much!



I have the same issue. Everywhere I go, I end up in L4. SInce making it to the top500 is impossible for casual players, hunting and creating new dinosaurs is the only thing left.

I guess in some countries it’s normal to travel great distances every day, but here in the Netherlands people tend to move in smaller zones on a daily base.

I had to travel across the country last week and finally encountered different dinosaurs (sadly no epics). Rotating the zones or the dino’s in it would make the game so much more interesting and I would buy a VIP subscription again.


[moved from Ludia, give us ACTUAL spawn zone migrations]

Ludia, if you’re going to borrow terminology from another AR creature hunting game, then actually apply it in the same manner. Shifting a couple of dinosaurs that form a new hybrid from being park spawns to global spawns isn’t remotely a migration.

I started this game relatively recently (I think it’s only been a month or two, three at max). The entire time I’ve been playing, the local area where I can easily get around in where I live has been essentially unchanged in what I get to normally see. Where I work is a completely different local spawn zone…but I work retail. I’m lucky to get half a hour in a day to dart whatever might be in reach, and as for after work it’s a business district with no sidewalks. It’s not exactly the sort of place one can safely go hunting in.

Is it really so much to ask that maybe every 1-2 months, you rotate the local spawn zones? It would be an exceptionally nice quality-of-life fix for those of us who don’t have the luxury of spending hours of idle time or significant portions of a tank of gas to wander a large enough area to enter into different spawn locals.


I’ve just moved from an L3 to an L4 and I’m dead excited for more giraffatitan…and a bit scared a new migration will mean I’m once again surrounded by diplocaulus and iguanodon. But when I was both living and working in an L3 it was pretty annoying. If they switch it up it should be more frequent, maybe? Meaning we aren’t stuck with one spawn set too long?


I am now exactly in the same situation as you before you moved! L3 since launch.

Honestly, migration for such a ‘hunting’ game is not asking a lot. It is the least Ludia can do to spice things up and also to spread the ‘advantages’ that other players have been enjoying till now.

The other game ‘ahem’ made migration a real and regular thing. It would be ludicrous if we were told that migration is not possible due to some technical limitations.

I am for migration either on a bi-monthly or monthly basis.

Oh, and by the way, the so called associated ‘nests’ does not work in my country. I live near a fire station and never once have I seen a pyroraptor. :expressionless:


I think weekly would be too frequent - monthly would be fantastic; four months, all zones covered :slight_smile:


Yes, L3 is the worst local group ever.:cry:

Only Monolopho & Tuojiang are useful local spawn, but without Ankylo & Raja, we actually couldn’t do anything with excess Tuojiang DNA.
(Or create that nerfed Tuora?:rofl: Come on, we don’t get Parasauro in L3)

PMGO make spawn place spin per 2 weeks, added some theme spawning event, that’s great.

Honestly, keep in L3 group for more than 2 months obviously delayed my progress.
Not kidding, just really need those L2 group spawn.


L3 zone herw too, must spend hours and hours only to get 1, 2 usefull dinos in other zones cause in l3 nothing interesting except1 monolophosaurus and elrikosaurus at week, and tuojingosaurus hybrids arwnt so great anyway, meanwhile other zones guys have already magnapyritor, utharinex and other good hybrids xd


I agree, we need this zone rotation


We need this so bad.


I am very lucky that I live so close to every local and I see L1 and L3 spawns from home. Would be able to see L2 and L4 spawns also but all those spawn points near are hidden spawns. But I do feel for people who aren’t as fortunate as me and I hope Ludia would rotate locals everytime new season starts.


This game definitely needs more frequent migrations. Especially with winter coming up. Fewer people are going to be willing to walk or drive around to get to the zones with the dinos they need. Cant imagine a full zone swapping system would be difficult for Ludia to impliment. Come on Ludia, listen to your players. This game is getting boring seeing the same things all day, every day.


Would also love to see migrations!


Agreed. Full zone migrations on a regular basis. Every change of season would be nice, so once a year everyone has a few months to stock up on different DNA. My whole playing area is also one zone and I need the DNA from other zones to progress in the game. I am overloaded on one side, and severely lacking on the other.

Yes, many of us do travel to other zones but we are driving so cannot take time to dart anything. We also have missions as to why we are traveling so lack the time to spend to hunt in another zone.