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Please scrap boosts

After seeing the crazy prices ludia put out to buy boosts, it’s just going to take forever to feel any completion with this game. Honestly, I don’t know how much more I can go on with this game.

My guess is that if I applied all boosts, for example health, to 1 dinosaur, and maxed its boosted health out, that would take me over a damn year, just for 1 maxed Stat boosted on a dinosaur!

You’re expecting us to pay 2000 bucks for a 2.5% increase in 1/3 dino stats!?

I feel sad about this, I really love dinosaurs and the games but the direction it is taking is pushing me away :pensive:


I said right away that the main reason for the boost “reset” was not to make the game “fair”. It was to increase income. And that it wouldn’t take long for the first “special offers” on boost increase to come back.

And here we go!

I regularly bought boosts in the past. Then Ludia decided to limit down the boosts I spent money on, to something that now only makes a few tiny % difference.

If you can now still buy boosts and increase power, then what is the difference in “fairness”? Beside the fact you now need to spend double the money of course.

I for one am not going to buy these anymore. And I sincerely hope other players also wont reward these greedy decisions Ludia has made.


Just play unboosted or play with the boost you have already or the free ones.

I play unboosted and it’s not as bad as it was before 2.0 boost. I’ve got as high as 53xx trophies. Before 2.0 I was between 47xx-48xx

Nobody is forcing your hand to purchase them.


I am not a big fan of boosts, though i use them because of their advantages.
But the price should start with 500 hc. Imho this would me more reasonable.


I was one of the people who never spent money on the game to buy boosts, I only used what I got in game. But now with this 2.0 screwup, my dinos have taken a dive in their abilities to battle. I HAD a team put together on my roster that worked very well. Now some of them couldn’t take out a fly if their lives depended on it. I have lost so many battles, I was at 3300 in the Sorna Marshes, and I’ve steadily been knocked down down to Lockdown. Today has really been bad, especially being pitted against players who are up in the 3000 mark, and why are they in Lockdown? Shouldn’t they be battling up in the Sorna Marshes where they belong??
But my point is, is that this stat change has hurt a lot of people, including myself. I’ve already canceled my V.I.P. subscription. I’m not paying for anything on this game ever again. It’s on the verge of becoming a game that I am deciding on just uninstalling and find some other game that treats their players better. I also play War Dragons, which I love playing and have spent money on, simply because they don’t treat their players like this.


I like the boosts, it adds to the game. But the current system is crap.

They should scrap it. I think a better system would be something like everyone at level 10 gets 10 boosts. They can apply the boosts in any way they want with a cap on how many can be applied per dino. Once applied, a boost is locked in place for like 10 days. If you want to remove that boost to place it somewhere else, you have to pay like 200 hc or some X amount.

Maybe at each level after 10 you get another boost so by Level 20 you have 20 boosts that can be changed for free every 10 days after boosting or a player can pay to change them before that. There are no other ways to obtain boosts, there is no way to loose boosts. Boosts amount are dependent on the player level. Seems fair. Ludia could still make money on people wanting to change boosts.

Of course, I have not thought this all the way through…its just a mesh of some different ideas I have read other people explaining. But, it does seem like that would still be better than what we have.

As well, all previous boost purchases would need to be returned as hc to the players…and that concept right there of returning anything to players makes Ludia pucker up like a gorilla eating lemons.

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