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Please Scrap (or Tweak) Season Resets

Season resets made sense when we had fewer people above 5500, but at this point literally thousands of people with scores ranging from 5500 to around 7800(!) are being reset to 5499 all at once every month, and it’s a bloodbath. Those who normally sit in the Shores are stomping those of us who normally sit in Gyro, and those of us who normally sit in Gyro are pushed back to the Library to stomp people there (or get stuck beneath teams we’re technically better than but not optimized to fight; a match seems to go one way or the other). I’m sure people normally in Library are pushed down to Aviary, and so on. It’s artificially limiting everyone’s progress and it’s making people not want to battle for at least the first week of reset, which means it takes even longer for us all to get back to where we should be (and I’m sure doesn’t help with player engagement). Please rethink this. Reset the 450+ people over 6k back to 6k instead of to 5499, at the very least.


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Agreed it’s senseless


I’ve come close to quitting the game over this more than once. It’s frustrating, it’s demoralizing, it disincetivizes players to continue.

We need a change.

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I haven’t visited Aviary in ages so far. But I’ve seen monsters in Library every reset.
I mean look at this thing!

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Not bad. I met these in Gyro and Library. Quite fun to watch their jaw drop when their Thora is crushed by IndoR G2 because it outspeeds and cheap shots their Thoras.

Normally if I have my Spyx out on the same turn, they’re not a probem. But if I miss the chance and it has stun ready and crits, I’m dead.

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I was unaware of this (being only Aviary, myself), and had been wondering why every reset I was being stomped bach into Lockwood Estate. It all makes sense, now :joy:

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It’s not the thors for me. It’s the magnas. I’ve come across 156 speed mags with 1900 attack and 5000 hp. My 151 erlidom can’t do much. The thors are easy with spyx, indo gen 2, and magna, but the opposing magnas destroy me

Although I agree they should bump up the reset point to 6k I’m finished at 5980 last season and I haven’t run into too much trouble climbing back so far, sure a couple of monsters but I don’t know if I’m lucky because I don’t seem to have this same level of difficulty

I have the same opinion about 151 erlidoms. If you overboost your dinos, don’t complain about others doing it.

I am not over boosting it. Many of my creatures are faster because I have the speed boosts from tournaments. I actually evenly distribute my boosts as necessary. But during resets, you have these 156 mags and quetzerions with around 2000 attack destroying everything I have

I find 151 speed rather high :slight_smile: But yeah I share the sorrows.
I am quite annoyed by revenge Thors with 149 speed or 3k damage that chomp through everything. If only there was a rule that you must distribute boosts evenly…
These teams sometimes have an unboosted stegodeus in the lineup, or even worse stuff. And 2 monsters. No fun.

The reason why i have that erlidom is to counter all these fast magnas. I was planning to just boost my indo gen 2 speed, but I kept fighting them, so I decided it would be better to put them towards erlidom and magna now in order to stay in gyrosphere

Can’t you just do speed up strike and rampage them into oblivion?

I don’t have any hp boosts on my erlidom, and it has about 3800 hp, so it just gets 1-shot by a rampage. If I cloak, then it’s rampage+null. The only real way is to boost speed up past the magnas and hit them first.

Exactly. I know many people who refuse to play for the first few days after a reset, and some who refuse to play for even longer. I think Ludia should take a critical look at anything that discourages people (who otherwise enjoy JWA) from engaging with a core aspect of the game for multiple days in a row.

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I was in Jurassic Ruins and I’m about to be pushed into Lockdown by teams way way more powerful than me.

Ludia has already made.too many bad decisions due to Boosts. Nublar for.example. Why its a 2 min timer versus the 30 sec one in Gyro is wrong. If Ludia wants to.slow down the top.players from grinding boosts, they should stagger the timers. Example:

Aviary : 30s
Library: 45s
Gyro: 1min
Nublar: 1min 30s.

Then reset as follows:

6800 above: resets to 6499
6799 to 6400: resets to 6249
6399 to 6000: resets to 5999
5999 to 5500: resets to 5499
The rest arent reset.

I just got out of jurassic ruins. You’ll get there. I didn’t really get pushed back and my best dino is a 20 irex, then 21 indo, then 19 procera.