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Please Separate Chat and DNA Requests

There are people that love to chat. There are people that love to donate. The problem is that each new chat message makes it harder and harder to find the DNA requests.

A simple separate tab would be incredibly nice.

Recently had a couple of alliance members ditch because they felt offended when we asked them to keep the chatting down. This escalated rather quickly with them leaving, never thought they would do that over their desire to chat so much. (I’m talking hundreds of chats in less than an hour for reference)

Some of the chat also seemed more private than should be shared openly with 50ish people, so maybe someday in the future, direct messaging?


I wouldn’t mind that. But I would also like to be able to see how active members are. For instance, last day logged in, participation towards alliance missions, etc. I have a couple with little to no battle trophies, but they might be active hunting and darting and avoid pvp.

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Also maybe just maybe fix the chat completely…you know one day maybe.

But i agree seperating them would help at times.

Good idea. And also I would like a chat option for friends who aren’t in my alliance.

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Make a dischord channel for all of you’re alliance members to join. That way you guys can chat and even share memes while the donations are all together and not bugged out