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Please shift Tournaments to weekdays and Raids to weekend

Please shift Raids to weekends. Weekends we get time so we can coordinate well for Raids rather than on work days.


I like this idea. I enjoy the raids but sadly I don’t get to play much on weekdays. Weekend raids is a good idea. That or perhaps new raid bosses?

So how would that work? Do the bosses all get squished into 2 days? Makes no sense


Weeklong tourney and 20 raid bosses in a day lololol but I would like some raid bosses on weekends to help with congestion and give something other than tourneys to do

Not all. Atleast 2 bosses

Do the classes alternate on weekend like for instance one weekend is Apex, the next Legendary, and so on and so forth? I would not want tournaments on the weekdays because they are a real kick in the nuts. I actually enjoy raids more

I also prefer Raids than Tournament so want them on weekend. I m fine with any bosses

I’m not overly a fan of Raids myself but I do enjoy the tournaments. Having tournaments run all week long would be nice but I think they would have to push the reward levels/trophies up to accommodate which might not really work.

Let’s not extend tourneys but spread out raids