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Please show all invisible spawns and drop global spawns from parks

Half the spawns that are out there are invisible either on nests or in general and to see then you habe to go to that spit within a 30-50 metre range. Players are complaining about the lack of spawns and this is 1 reason. We havent got time, especially if your in a car, to search all these spots just in case there might be something useful. So if all the invisible spawns were visible then it would benefit all and maybe even save us from being arrested for trespassing.

Should invisible spawns be made visible?

  • Yes
  • No

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Also since parks dont really have points of interest spawns are poor and global spawns drown them out. So I say in parks drop global spawns.

Should global spawns not spawn in parks?

  • Yes globals should not spawn in parks
  • No keep global spawns in parks

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We have quite a few votes already. What are your thoughts?

If all the invisible dinos were shown, the game would look like Dino soup.

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There so rare anyway dont think it would change much I only know of 2 in my whole town

With the new spawn mechanics i feel even more with the rarity of parks that global spawns shouldnt drown out park spawns