Please, sir, can I have some more coins?


I know ludia wants all the money and wants us to spend and I know I could go around to all the supply drops and get more but most of us are at the point this isnt enough and still refuse to pay for something that should be free considering we need it too progress. All we ask is maybe give us a few more coins so we arent getting bored. I’ve seen people suggest a coin or 2 with DNA when we collect, I think this is a fantastic idea.


Lol I would literally have like 150 thousand DNA with it costing a coin or 2 lol


I just think it’s silly making us sit and wait for coins when we need it to do pretty much everything to progress. And I’m old. I can only do so much walking when its 100 degrees outside!


I get the bus and the train and spin as many I can as I pass them all and can get maybe three to five thousand in a day if I try hard enough but I’m still sitting with about 15 dinos that I can’t afford to upgrade that keep flashing at me as a constant reminder


Guys, the key to coinage is to open battle incubators. That’s where I get all my gold and I’m not VIP or anything either.


If that was enough I wouldnt have made this thread. I have several dinos waiting to evolve regardless of how many incubators I get.


Why are you evolving them? I have dozens of levels just sitting because I know I’ll never need a level 14 irritater gen 2. Just focus your resources on the one you want to actually use Screenshot_20180616-215909-01
See this? Just use coins wisely


Admittedly I’ve made some mistakes thinking certain dinos would be cool to have like one of my hybrids, so unfortunately a lot of coins have gone into that. But even so. It costs so much coin to level. Idk how you managed to get that many coins without spending anything but whatever. Everything I’m trying to level now needs 2000 coin and that’s so many for how little I get in my incubators.


Yeah it really does suck. I got over 25 things that need to be leveled up and I can’t afford it. That number always appearing irks me lol its like having a notification symbol on top corner of your phone that we all feel like wr need to clear right away lol. I get about 4-5k coins a day and that’s only enough to get maybe 5-10 leveled. Then the next day another 10 are added to list of dinos to be leveled and its just a never ending cycle of frustration lol


You asked nicely so here you go… :moneybag:


I have DNA for 44 dinos to evolve. Many of them several times. And no coins to do it.


It’s simple, evolving = xp = level up. There are no other way if i’m not mistaken.

I don’t know since when you play, but i’m nearly two levels ahead, my darts make 2 dna more than your. If your purpose is more to collect all dinos and evolve them than excel in arena, the coin problem is really there. And since it’s tied to the leveling system, it should be way easier.

For my case, I capped the dinos I don’t play with and I don’t need to make hybrids at 11. I’m waiting for a change in the coin gains within a few month. If there isn’t I know I won’t stay long, I’m not interested to need 4 days to gain 1 level for 1 dino when I have 10+ dinos with the same problem.


Sorry to tell you my friend but Ludia will never adjust this game in your favor. They seriously ask you to pay $9.99 a month ($120 a year) for a digital game and they don’t even give you anything for it. Even if you pay the $120 a year, they still dangle the coins like a carrot in front of your face. If you would just shell out $50 real cash, you could buy bucks, which could be used to open the vault!


Well they should! If they care about their consumers then they need to do something. If they dont then people need to stop supporting them. If the prices of things were reasonable, I guarantee more people would be willing to shell out money. Not to mention after some people were talking about how nice it is that we get more darts then the 140 cap out of our incubators, they made It so even those reward darts dont gi over the cap now. Like they hear us, then do exactly the opposite! This is how people will leave


Thank you so much!! Now if only I new how to transfer this into my game. Lol