Please slow down

Dear Ludia,

The introduction of content is exciting to see, but please SLOOOOOWWWWW DOWNNNNN.

I can’t speak for everyone, but I’m sure that I am not the only one when I say that things are getting thrown out there WAY TOO FAST.

We literally had 2 players just drop.

I personally am at that point where I’m like “new Dino?” That’s nice…. (Snooze)”

I’m in the car parked up and can’t really elaborate in detail without sounding negative which I’m not trying to do but I really feel that you’re “pushing out content way too fast” just for content sake.

It went from one extreme to another… I’m confident that in the future, a balance will be struck… but this “ain’t” it.

How about new battle modes in general? Other games have battle modes that are essentially the same mode just reskinned, but it’s something.

No new Dinos for let’s say, 6 months and instead correct the bugs.

Imo of course. I’m just one person in a sea of opposing viewpoints.


Yes, we have a couple of players quitting the game with every new update. They just find it too stressful because it’s impossible to catch up with new arena meta and they just quit.

But hey, one new fusable Apex every month for the whales. Good money…on an empty platform, lol


New stuff for top players to show off on their youtube channels.

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5 new dinos in march update plus a bunch of move changes.

Unfortunately no. There had been so many similar requests before, but as you can see, the pattern has not been changed. Only more new creatures, abilities, changes, and bugs. The number of changes in the next update seems astonishingly high, but don’t worry, you’ll get 1 boost token a month later to rebalance your existing dinos.