Please someone explain how this seems acceptable even with new matchmaking rules

So I’ve been playing only a few months so not sure how matchmaking used to be as it changed fairly soon after I started playing. I was doing fairly well (4 wins per 1 loss) and climbed the trophy count rather quickly until I was stalled (4 wins per 3 losses) and I attribute that to my trophy count being rather high for my level dinosaurs as I started encountering what I refer to as longevity winners (players who have played the game for a substantial amount of time compared to me and have significantly higher level dinosaurs and higher rarity dinosaurs with much better stat boosts and can usually one hit kill all but my highest health/shielded dinosaurs with one hit. They just have no grasp on strategy or how to play well, solely getting their wins on players who are actually skilled by using the complete advantage of overpowered strength through playing since day 1. I have added many of these players afterwards as a friend and challenged them with the same team at level 26 no boosts and massacre them every time. They are basically bottom ring players because they have no skill and just rewarded wins for having played a long time so Ludia can continue to make money off of them as if pitted against players their level with their level dinosaurs, there wins percentage would be incredibly low and thus deter them from playing and spending money. Well I got past this hump by getting past the 3000 trophy count and started playing against players a little more evenly matched. Though I was getting my first legendary and was still fighting against players using only legendary and unique dinosaurs and has been the case since. I’m currently around 3300 trophies and have gotten 3550 as my record and don’t have enough legendary dinosaurs to fill up my whole battle team and at nowhere near getting a unique yet the following battle just happened. So I’m at a loss as to how this was even a possibility. So here are my stats

And here are my opponents, pulled up immediately after the battle and screenshotted

So I only fought two of his dinosaurs, the level 23 thoradlosaur and then he brought in the level 27 stegodaus both stat boosted and yet my level 17 allosinosaur is fighting a dinosaur 10 levels higher than it. That’s 33% of the max level attainable. And he’s level 20 with a trophy count that should have put him out of my arena. So how is that possible?
Why can’t matchmaking happen solely based on dinosaurs average battle team levels taking out the highest and lowest level dinosaurs and averaging the other 6 (subtracting highest and lowest level and then averaging the remaining 6 for those players who will purposely put a very low level dinosaur in their team just to lower their average to compensate for their lack of skill or desire to troll and cheat and such) and then putting them against other players in close proximity to their own within the same arena. Ignore player levels entirely and even strive to keep within 200 or 250 trophy count difference +/- within the arena.

Also when you lose against a player like I did as described above, why is it I lose 30+ trophies yet if I win against someone not even half as lower leveled than I was to him, I only gain 10 trophies? Why can’t I gain what the player loses and vice versa?

The matchmaking in this game is so desperately flawed, it reeks of pay-to-win tactics on the developers end. And I have paid into this game, more than I am going to say in the forum but in 2 months it was over $250.00 USD. That’s more than I put into a year and a half on the first Destiny game for PS4 and that offered more gameplay at a comparison of a level 17 Dino fighting a level 27 Dino with level 30 being the max level.
It’s enough that it’s about to deter me from ever playing this game again.

Unfortunately Ludia refuses to comment on it. Everyone knows it’s beyond broken, but still they stoically sit in their playrooms in the Great White North and watch the boost money roll in.

They don’t care.


I’ll simply echo what Tuco says on this.
My son is level 13 and has similar dinos to the op and he is constantly playing teams full of uniques and his opponents sit at level 18, 19 and even a couple of 20s in the last few days. He hasn’t even got close to getting a unique yet, and plays with a common, a rare, an epic and 5 legendaries. Legendaries are all 17 or 18. He is at 34** to 35** trophies.
Some of the expletives I hear from him during his battles turn the air blue, but I can’t blame him.
Why won’t Ludia tell us how they allow this?

Sadly, these players are probably newer like you are as well.

I’ve been playing since day one and I have members in my alliance that have been playing for less than five months with more trophies than me.

Its all thanks to boosts too. Even if my team level is higher.

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I think there is one explanation. That player had low lvl dino(s) in team. Teams displayed are not neccessary current teams. Even if you screenshot his team right after battle, team displayed could be different from the one he has.


It isn’t that they have no need of strategy… they just don’t need it when they play you.

That isn’t a slam on your ability, I’d wager that you don’t need strategy either when you out-level an opponent by 4 levels, am I right? So please don’t blame your opponents for a poorly designed matchmaking system. They didn’t choose to play you… they just took what was offered them.

Everyone is having issues with being matched against players WAY WAY over their current strength. You aren’t alone in this. Hopefully, Ludia figures out how to fix the PvP system in this game before everyone gets fed up with it and quits.

Yeah that’s pretty bad lol. Do you have a lot of boosts on your team? Just curiousity.

If this happened just once then forget about it. Probably a very bad player with lower trophies that had to be matched with someone.

There is an old saying on the matter of silence from someone -
Woman: I think he is pretending to love me.
Friend: If he bothers to fake it, it means he still cares.

You see someone who just refuses to bother is no longer invested and doesn’t care enough.
Take me for example, players will see many of my recent post and think I hate JWA, but I disagree! The fact that problems in game still bother me means I still care.

Ludia on the other hand have gone silent…

Take from that what you will.

Taking away the lowest level and the highest level and averaging the remaining six will not work.

I won’t go too much into the numbers but if a player has a level 30 dinosaur on their team and the rest of their dinosaurs are level 24 or less, and you remove that level 30 from figuring their average level, your going to be putting them against teams that are average level of 24 or less. When that level 30 dinosaur gets picked for battle it is going to be devastating for their opponent.

High level dinosaurs should never not be included in figuring a teams strength.