Please someone help! GPS problem

my GPS just stopped working in my Jurassic World Alive game and now i can’t get dino dna so will somebdy please help

Toggle your phone to something like google maps and then back to the game.

That usually works for me.

I posted a possible solution, but the forum filters hid it.

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First make sure your location didn’t get turned off by accident. If it’s not, try closing and reopening the app. That usually works.

Did you tried clearing cache, restarting phone?

How stopped working? Not moving properly or not moving at all?

Since 1.7 update my GPS don’t work properly in JWA on its own. So I need to have navigation open in background that moves normally.

we just cleared that for you!

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Our FAQ here might have some information that could help as well, @ALEXANDER_CHAVEZ: :smiley: