Please spread strike events better

Being in NJ and quarantined in my home I do not have the ability to get out and be in range for strike events. So I don’t understand how I can have 3 of the same strike event so close to each other and a different one far enough that I can’t reach, even after paying for the vip. Please can we spread apart the different events better so everyone has a chance of getting them. image image


The blue one and the scent strike are so far away and rare in my area, lol.

In my state, there are safer at home orders. You can still go outside, but only for necessary things (grocery shopping, pharmacy runs, and take out).

It mentions that people can still exercise and walk the dog as long as people can maintain the social distancing. Sometimes when I pass by the parks (which are “busier” than normal), some people are doing a great job with the social distancing and others are not. In fact, I’ve noticed a large number of people who just walk in the street to maintain social distancing. :confounded::woman_facepalming:

I used to enjoy getting out of my car and walking around the park playing my game and taking nature photos. I haven’t felt comfortable enough to do that yet. Plus, seeing cops roaming the neighborhood and at some parks as made me extremely cautious about where I stop.

With that said, I stayed home yesterday and all I see on my map is one lonely supply drop (it switched to a strike tower later). If I am lucky I will get one strike tower. There is either another strike tower or a supply drop that is slightly out of range. If I am lucky I am able to reach it from the house at a certain angle. Everything else is out of range (other strike towers and event supply drops). :pensive: I wish everything was spread out evenly.

There should be a strike event at every single regular orange supply drop


I hope they fix this soon… with people not being able to leave their home it would be nice to have all events inside my range circle


Some people will have heard me say it already, but I have multiple common strikes all huddled together within reach of each other (and I don’t have VIP). They’re always strike events, and almost always the common ones. When the epics show up, I can’t even see them sometimes throughout my entire area (and there’s at least 30 drops - usually 2/3 are filled up with more common strikes).

Same here in Germany. We are not allowed to go out if it isn‘t necessary (getting food and stuff for living). Walking around to search towers is forbidden, the police checks young people and we will have to pay real frakking money as punishment!!

So please find a way that we can still battle in these towers and dart weekly event dinos. Atm, I‘m missing a lot of stuff cuz I cannot leave my flat!

They should just make a purchasable supply drop for some coins or small amount of cash and have it change to every event from time to time. Problem would be solved, although I cannot calculate the financial consequences of this.

Ludia… come on and do something
The way you place the strikes one the map
Is just stupid (sorry for being honest)
That is the ONE Blue Strike i can see out of OVER THIRTY Others on the map That are white and marked as altready done(normal and scent combined)
How the (sorry) F… is The appereance calculated?

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Why I need so many scent strikes? Rare strike is nowhere in sight. Found it on my way to store.

I missed the common dinos for this week because I didn’t have green event drop in my range. One drop near me swapped to the green yesterday, but I have almost no hope of getting one for the epics this weekend. I got the same common strike on the next nearest two towers, which are still thankfully in range, but I can see there’s a blue strike tower way out beyond even VIP range.

The area around my home used to have six drops, I’m down to four, everything else is too far and I’m afraid of being stopped by police if I leave during lockdown. I know everyone is working in less than ideal situations, but of you can decrease the number of towers between updates, can’t you increase them too? I’m assuming they land randomly, since some are almost directly beside each other, or a sanctuary, and I’d love to be able to do the events like normal.


Please, @Ned @E.D, spread strike towers normally and double drops everywhere for limited time. Luckily I still can go in store and walk in the park. Still I barely find one strike tower every day, as one floods the map and one is barely there. Twice I need to go close to highway to be able to do strike tower. Luckily remote road is there and is close to supermarket. Second time this week Stegosauridae scent strike was everywhere, on almost every street, sometimes even two on same street. Only saw three small strikes, all were out of my way and needed extra effort to reach it. Many players currently don’t have a chance to go out looking everywhere for strike towers.

Events in this situation with the current state of drops are really frustrating. Many players don’t have drops in range and can’t leave their homes. Even I only managed to dart only 16 Scolo from 36 attempts, as we had two days snowing all day. I was lucky that I had event drop in range. Don’t have event drop in range for rares. Need to go out to find them. Luckily I have park near and I’m allowed to go in park.

Even increasing drone range wouldn’t help me much, as I have two blocks of nothing (no drops, barely any spawns)between my home an a park. I believe same is for many players.

Please fix the map already too. Nothing is more annoying that those map refreshments that break darting sessions and make us waiting minutes that we are able to dart creatures normally.

None at my house today but I see them around.

I can see four towers all just out of range. I know we are responsible for our own decisions and I will stay indoors but this seems a little bit reckless!!!

I have noticed for the past several weeks that the rare tower has been really hard to find. It is the only one that is like that. :thinking: I didn’t remember seeing on my map from home yesterday. When I was out, I happened to come across it by chance.