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Please stop complaining about your "bad luck" and "how the game is unbalanced"

Ok, we all have red at least a couple of posts about how the game is unbalanced, how many misses you have while the oppenent never misses/always crits and bla bla bla.

Guys, the game is perfectly balanced and ‘fair’ from a statistical perspective. You can find dozens of articles of psycology on why we are more keen to notice/remember negative events.

I myself sometimes loose 4/5 matches in a row while the opponent has always the initiatives, crits so much and doesn’t fail any dice roll. Yet I also notice when, thanks to a very big luck, I win matches I wasn’t supposed to.

Sorry for my bad English, I hope what I wanted to share with the Community is clear enough.

And by the way, I hate this PvP system and I hope they will change this embarassing system sooner or later.


I agree that the odds of hits,crits, procs, etc, is generally balanced. Much complaints about poor random seeds come from players who have the ill fortune of being caught on an extensive loosing streak or players who are continually experiencing uncharacteristically poor rolls. Over time this tends to balance-out. Such complaints are usually well-meaning but borne of frustration, and will ultimately continue in perpetuity.

However, I disagree that that PvP in balanced. Most of us who peruse the forums are aware that PvP matchmaking can be manipulated. A few actions players have taken include:

  1. Intentionally lowering trophy count to face easier opponents in Battle Mode.
  2. Discontinuing to level heroes to face easier bots in PvP battles.
  3. Following the guides graciously provided by other players to manipulate event matchmaking. At least one effective guide has been provided for each recent PvP event.

Simultaneous PvP is effectively unbalanced with certain players taking advantage of unavoidable flaws buried in the match-making mechanics. This is why most other developers avoid truly symmetrical PvP matches. Such developers wisely avoid simultaneous battles between users, instead they develop and utilize mechanics which simulate PvP. There is much less criticism of apps using such mechanics.


Hi Orloch, I fully agree with you.

What I wanted to express with the term “balanced” is not the overall PvP system, which had been really poorly implemented, but only the chances a player has to crit, win the initiative and/or miss a spell/hit versus the opponent (bot or human) from a statistical perspective.

“Such developers wisely avoid simultaneous battles between users, instead they develop and utilize mechanics which simulate PvP”.
This is not the path the developers should take.
True, this is the easiest way to solve the pvp matchmaking issue. But it’s not the best.
Balancing the matchmaking in ToM events can be done in a plenty of ways, keeping the real-time pvp mechanism we have now.
For example you could just match players by “Battle Mode” trophies (like it was before) AND give SENSIBLE advantage in increasing your trophy count (SENSIBLE better rewards for playing and winning in higher arena levels, guild rewards for higher total thropy count, etc.)
Will players have the opportunity to exploit the ToM matchmaking? Yes of course. Will they get advantage from it overall? Absolutely no.

Note: this is not an idea I had yesterday. This is the approach used in other (very) successful games. Games that have no D&D flavor (which keeps me here).

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Agreed that if each win in a higher league gave better reward and the cost of dropping league to gain in tom was a negative results (giving up your current league bonus being worst than grabbing the tom reward) would work.

Another way would be to do like earthstone once you reach a league until the season reset you are in that league until you climb the next one. In tom you could face only ennemy from the same league or the one just below or higher. If that was the way chosen I’d double the number of league.

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Pvp is balanced in the way that anyone has the ability to manipulate matches and take advantage of the same flaws. Not everyone knows these way to manipulate the matches but the knowledge is out there.

That’s not me saying that I don’t think PVP can seriously suck, especially in regards to TOM though.

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I agree it would be great if app developers could establish a functional true PvP system. I also agree the league awards are useless and do nothing to compel players to attain higher placement.

Unfortunately, the greatest dilemma faced by WoW is the limited number of active players. The small number deters competitive matches. This has been true since the mass exodus which occurred shortly after PvP was introduced. This problem is readily apparent each time we try finding an opponent. Instead of being match against a suitable opponent. we wait 3 or 4 minutes only to get pitted in unsuitable matches against inadequate or overpowering players. The photo below is a prime example.

This recent attempt resulted a player ranked 837 trophies lower than myself. Alternatively, If the matches were not symmetrical, they could immediately match me against any comparable players account. Although the opponent would be ‘botted’, it would at least provide suitable combat, much better than consistent battles against level 18 or 20 bots. The current system has completely shredded my enthusiasm for PvP.

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If they remove true PvP against real player I’m more then likely leaving the game. I like to challenge a real person and not an ai and there plenty of other game with that option.


Well said @Krom.

I concur some players really enjoy the few battles we currently experience which are actually true PvP.
Additionally, I am confident we would all share this sentiment if we had your heroes. :wink:

Perhaps a reasonable solution would be to keep Battle Mode the way it is, but make combat in PvP events asymmetric.

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I think @Orloch that we have about same level hero got
4 level 16
4 level 15
2 level 14
I could be wrong and I guess we play on different time as I have yet to see you in pvp

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I enjoy complaint threads.

I think a lot of interesting discussions arise from them.

Also, complaint threads are the bread and butter of most gaming communities. It helps keep the forums active.

That isn’t to say I agree with much of the content, but the content is often entertaining nonetheless.


Honestly, the (main?) reason why it’s hard to be matched in pvp with a real person is that pvp matches are useless, so only few people play the battle mode (except for daily quests). Including me. It’s far mor efficient to grind challenges (dungeons? Idk how they are called in the english App) rather than 3h chests.
Make pvp convenient and you will see a lot of people tapping “Battle” rather than “Challenge”.

The main reason to PvP is for fun :slight_smile:

0-3 in test of might, and all 3 opponents had higher level heroes with better equipment. Tell me again how this is fair and the imbalance is my confirmation bias.


Unfortunately, ToM events are inherently unfair and unbalanced. The developers do a terrible job at matchmaking for these events, and the matchmaking mechanics are easily manipulated by players with appropriate know-how.


Not much in terms of wiggle room for this event. You get what you get.

Players start at highest trophy count + 500 again.

Closest thing to a circumvention is donating wins to anyone who seems to be 500 points lower than you in normal Battle mode. Then it’s a hope everyone pays it forward kind of situation.

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If you think this game is balanced you havent been playing long enough

@herpderp have you red my post or just the title?

Btw I’m quite sure I’ve played this game more than you (not proud of that).

Yes and I stand by what I have said

I understand that there is a way to work the system to have better chances of winning PVP events. But I feel I should not have to game a game to play. I made the mistake of levelling up everything and I don’t have the right gear for pvp so it is frustrating. All I can say if frustrate enough people they move on to other games. I stopped playing 2 games now because of the pvp problems