Please stop cramming effects onto Cautious Strike. It's not even cautious anymore

Taking caution would mean being very defensive, not gaining superiority over everyone.
If Cautious Strike had only dodge + distraction + cleanse + 1x attack, it would be exactly what it says on the tin. A very reserved strike that doesn’t put you at an advantage, and lets you prepare for your next attack that would be a definite rampage.

Then you have Mutual Fury, for which you gain speed and 1.5 attack for two turns and cleanses, which goes well with definite rampage immediately, but in exchange you take a full hit. It’s offense-oriented.

These 2, if they were like that, would make Indoraptor G2 choose between playing defensive or offensive, which you stated was what you wanted to do when you decided on taking away its definite rampage. Now you’re pretty much giving IndoG2 one option: Cautious Strike over and over again.
The lowered attack will still be annoying against other creatures that cannot bypass its dodge and same time be immune to its distraction. Even Quetzorion isn’t safe from this thing now. But you know what is? Christmas Chicken.

Christmas Chicken now can just go for dodge 1st turn (even if it gets hit) then peck IndoG2 to remove its speed, then rampage IndoG2. So this just makes Procerathomimus even worse than it already was.
Before you could just go Mutual Fury vs Christmas Chicken, then definite rampage it into oblivion with increased speed, increased attack, and a precise 2x move.

Then there’s Ardentis. It got nerfed by losing its precise rampage too. This makes it unable to beat IndoG2 if it dodges on 2nd turn (which it will). You know who else wins from this? Lord Christmas Chicken, who shall dodge away through the sky, yelling, “Ho Ho Ho!”

Who wanted Christmas Chicken and IndoG2 buffed even more and was serious about it?


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When I saw the 1.9 notes I sort of glazed over it thinking it was bad, hence it’s name.

The name suggests it should be “Ok, let’s hide a bit to set up my Rampage” not “Let’s go all guns blazing and destroy everything in the game!”

Yeah that was what the name seemed to imply. A reserved strike to survive in order to deliver an unavoidable 2x attack. Then for the super power 3.5x attack, there is always Mutual Fury which, although pays 1 turn, definitely sets up for the next where there’s 3.5x rampage, then CS could hit high, protect, and then prepare for an unavoidable rampage.

What language are you speaking?

If one were to nerf CS this would be the way to do it.

Don’t forget indo2 got its base attack cut and DSR for definite rampage. What could that mean? A setup indo no longer able to oneshot spyx, rat. Has to lose more HP fighting erlidom and dioraja if it wins the fight. And no longer able to defeat yoshi nor geminititan. What does bypass evasion bring to it? --Only 1st round damage guaranteed, then die for nothing.
I can’t say much if it’s a balance call, but it’s a down right nerf.

But nobody asked to cut its attack. Everyone just wanted 1 effect taken off its cautious strike. That was the only nerf people wanted.

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Hell yeah! I have no hate for Christmas chicken, but i also think maxima MUST keep definitive rampage and get 1100 damage to balance It, and cautious strike reworked to have only distract and dodge, while keeping the definitive rampage and 1400 damage(cause of dodge buff).

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Agree. But definite rampage itself is inexcusably a nerf material. Null=remove cloak+shield, DSR=destroy shield+bypass armor. The maths on definite rampage don’t add up

Or they could make it be distracted but immune to stuns. The definite rampage is actually useful against dodgers. You shouldn’t use a dodger/cloaker against this thing anyway. There weren’t any complaints regarding DSR, all that people ranted about was the multi-effect CS.
If many really hate the definite rampage that much, it could just be turned into a precise pounce (since Blue has it), and have IndoG2 rely more on MF to fight against the likes of Christmas Chicken and other dodgers since MF would make it faster and stronger and precise would make the 3.5x rampage unavoidable by non-armored, non-shielded critters.

I don’t see any need to nerf this ability in any way. It’s not broken, and not every creature has It. It would only be a problem If all chompers had It. But then It would be an issue of giving to many dinos the ability to counter dodgers, not a problem with the ability itself.

But definite rampage is no better than the multi effects CS. You set up shield, destroyed; you cloak, removed. Meanwhile you are guaranteed to take 2x dmg no matter what defensive move you make. Its power is problematic, so is its cooldown round. It’s a move that absolutely better than all others, there comes imbalance.

You cannot spam it, must wait 1 turn to use it, can be survived if you have a high hp critter, it’s a bad idea to cloak against IndoG2 anyway, I mostly just hit at it with Erlidom if they happen to meet, and either weaken it or kill it like I did in my latest match. Also, the rampage does not: give dodge, increase your speed, distract the opponent, cleanse you from bleeding/deceleration. Ardentismaxima as it is can beat IndoG2 quite often, but after the changes Ardentis might lose more often to it.

If a move is imbalance, either get it reworked, or let it be forgotten. Or else there’s no point to bring it online yet being so strictly about it.
Also, only indo g2 has CS, I don’t think that’ll be the reason it shouldn’t get nerfed.

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Definitive rampage doesn’t come close to compare with cautious strike. CS is unbalanced, definitive rampage is not.

That’s the point. Though i must remind you that most creatures with it are not immune to distraction, so it’s not garanteed to deal 2x damage. Granted, indo gen2 doesn’t need this ability to be relevant, but Maxima absolutely needs It. There’s no way around It for me, Maxima must keep it :laughing:
And If you think about It, there’s no good way to nerf definitive moves without making them bad. Take away armor piercing? It’s a worse nullyfing rampage. Take away shattering as well? Just a slightly better precise. Any way i think, It becomes a garbage move.
Nothing wrong with keeping It as It is and reserving It to just a few selected dinos. No balance problem at all there.

It can be next to spamming with 1 CD round on a move like that. If people always ask to cut the dinos’ stats on behalf of its op abilities, they will make it unentertaining and even get that dino killed. There’s a gauge to measure if dino is balanced, you pass that gauge, they will be OP. Definite rampage is so good to skyrocket any dino that has it over the gauge.

I just don’t have that problem when fighting against that thing. And I don’t even own one. The main problem I have is that if it killed something, it tends to get so fast it outspeeds even my erlikospyx that’s T7 in speed. So I have absolutely nothing to fight against it on next turn.

Simple, plan A: bypass armor, cloak.
Plan B: make its CD round 2 turns.
Plan C: Delay 2 rounds.

Definite Rampage on Ardentis is same as APR was on Stegodeus.

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