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Please stop doing this

While its nice to see ypou guys making Dracoceratops more usefull now than the Dracorex G2 please stop giving the swap in dinos the ability to clean their lock on the first turn, it beats the point of even giving them the lock in the first place


No it really doesn’t.

What’s more is that it counts as a turn so it is about the second action your Dino does.

It also tips your opponent on how you intend on playing you Dino to. If you see them cleanse then you know it’s time for your biggest available attack.

It also let’s you know when to and when not to slap a bleed or other status changing move.

It’s no big deal really.

Edited out my incorrect memory.

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Try adding some dinos on your team with the lockdown attack. People keep complaining about this feature, but there are ways to deal with it if you happen to have the right dinos at hand, just like every other counter.


Thoradolasaur is a very good counter. When thor crits, it gets one shotted. When thor doesn’t crit, the draco user will have a hard time to decide whether to swap it out. Moreover, using dinos with high turn 1 damage can one shot draco as well. Erlidom one shots it, postosuchus one shot draco as well.


For me, all move must have a way to counter at least. I still dont know how to counter swapin shattering moves. Except preventing it by locking move

There really arent many if any good dinos with lockdown atall. Its stupid, people rinse and repeat… no strategy in it just a broken move.

Megalosuchus is probably the only major lockdown dino i use competitively. They really should allow crocs to passive lockdown opponents. That would be so handy.


There’s not much strategy in the game at all when you have random criticals, random stuns, random dodge. None of it is strategy.


True… alot of games are ruined by RNG although Ive had some really good battles, trying to anticipate each others moves. But there is even less when all you do is swap in a rat to DSR every other turn.


I think the swap in rampages was a way to force people to start using more of the crocs since they’re not too popular being that…well they suck.:joy: So instead of making the crocs better dinos maybe Ludia just thinks of ways we might need them on our team. Just a thought :thinking:


I disagree. Not all dinos have the firepower to OHKO Dracocera, and if you don’t (and the opponent uses Regenerate), Dracocera can swap in and out to deliver uncounterable 2x damage on your team. While Pinning and Lockdown can be used to halt Dracocera’s swap, there are generally few Legendaries and Uniques which both have Pinning and are sufficiently powerful to merit use in the upper tiers.
Additionally, even if you do put a few Pinning/Lockdown creatures on your team, you still have to hope that they appear during a battle thanks to the random draw. Not to mention you don’t know if your opponent has Dracocera, which forces you into mindgames about playing the Pinning/Lockdown creatures you might draw.

Gigaspika??? Get angry but use that rage to power your learning!

You don’t have t Rex or braciosaurus any Dino that can deliver a little 2 thousand damage?

Dracoceratops is slow. Susceptible to every status ailment. Low HP.

I mean how do you even compete with a simple raptor if you don’t have a Dino that can do any damage to the dracos?

Seems to meet a lot of players still using high lvl stegod and rely on it to win there are other tanks and a few have pinning, just saying

Exactly too many people have over specialized and get upset when they have to adapt.

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I have every legendary at lvl 20 so when huge changes happen I can use my huge selection to find perfect counter! Most people don’t have this so just come on forum and rage even when ppl give them the tips to solve their issue. People are people at the end of the day


People whine about gyproloth being underpowered but don’t realise its purpose is to stop d2 and dracocera so doesn’t need huge stats

Yup there is so far as I have seen no less then 3 or 4 Dino’s to counter any other one.

I do believe I have heard that little ole Tanny can defeat a indorapter… As my pappy used to say

"your head isn’t just to hold hats. And your brain isn’t there just to stop the echo. "

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Everyone got spoiled by stegod for too long! one stop shop Dino that counters everything effortlessly gotta figure out the classes now and that way can counter effectively. Ludia tried to train newbs by blatantly naming each class and having a strike tower dedicated to each but the free DNA prob blinds most to the underlying lessons!

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Firstly, it’s 3000 damage (at level 26). Secondly, yes I do have dinos that can deal that amount of damage (and in some cases much more). However, given that most people use Dracocera to finish off a weakened dino, the dino you use to beat Dracocera must either a) have Pinning/Lockdown or b) Turn 1 damage of over 3000. Amongst the Uniques, I count 3 dinos which meet those criteria - Erlidominus (T1 Rampage), Dioraja (Pinning), Grypolyth (Lockdown). Amongst the Legendaries, we have 3 - Megalosuch, Gigaspika and Rajakylo (all Pinning).
Thirdly, status ailments (with the exception of stuns) are mostly irrelevant given that it can Regenerate, then swap out to ignore DoT, distraction and slowing. Even if you get some damage on Dracocera, it can swap out and back in again to take out yet another dino, with minimal ability for you to stop it.
Fourthly, the 2 dinos you mentioned (T rex and Brachio) can’t actually OHKO equal level Dracocera without a critical hit on turn 1.
Fifthly, yes, I know that dinos like T rex and Thorad force the Dracocera user to think whether they should let Dracocera get KOed or let their next dino take a large amount of damage. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Dracocera can swap in and out to KO weakened team members. Additionally, Dracocera is usually used when the player’s dino is already weakened after battling an opponent dino. Thus, in the above scenario, the Dracocera user can swap in the weakened dino to absorb the high damaging attack. While this turns the tradeoff into a 1 for 1, it allows creatures to defeat creatures they should have easily countered.
For example, Pyrritator vs Tragodistis. On T1, Pyrritator uses Armour Piercing Impact, dealing 2100 damage, and Tragodistis uses Superiority Strike. Then, Dracoceratops swaps in, KOing Tragodistis (which, as a tank should have easily beat Pyrritator, a fast creature). Assuming no Pinning creature/Erlidominus swaps in, Dracoceratops can Regenerate and swap in Pyrritator, turning a Tragodistis vs Pyrritator situation into a draw when Trago should have easily won.

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