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Please stop doing this

Alright, let’s say Gigaspika is to Dracocera as Monostego is to Indoraptor - counters to an otherwise really powerful creature. Then why isn’t Gigaspika as versatile as Monostego?
If Indoraptor doesn’t show up, I still have a versatile tank which can stun and slow the prevalent Utarinex and Dilorach, as well as nullify other evasive creatures, Ferocious dinos (e.g. Tryostronix) and Shield tanks (e.g. Stegod).
If Dracocera doesn’t show up, I have a faster Stegodeus which is more vulnerable to theropods (thanks to higher Armour but lower Health). While that might still be fine in the middle tiers, in the upper tiers where the 3 Ts (Tryko, Tenonto, Thorad) run rampant and Spinotasuch is on a plurality, if not a majority, of teams, that’s simply not good enough. Decelerating Impact and Short Defense just ain’t what it used to be in terms of meta competitiveness.
Basically, what I’m trying to say is that Stunning and Nullifying has a lot more use outside of “beating Indoraptor”, which makes Monostego not dead weight when facing not-Indoraptor. Contrast with Gigaspika’s niches, Pinning is usually only useful for Swap in creatures (i.e. Dracocera, Dracorex G2), whilst Short Defense requires you to predict against Erlidominus. In other words, Pinning doesn’t have as much use against “not Dracocera/Dracorex G2”.
Should that not be rectified?

My gigaspika has killed loads of Indo raptors, stegods, monomim, raptors even monosteg too loses every time to bleed or standard anti armour so I don’t see your point gigaspika is hugely competitive imo the only functional counter user apart from tryko! if you don’t use all the Dino’s how can you know their hidden strengths? On the note of weakness to bleed my giga will kill equal or slightly higher spinotasuchus but will also die. If you can predict d2 or draco and swapin gigaspika you can absorb the hit and still kill either without losing a Dino. Just practise and you will see every play has an equal counter play! Dracoceras cleanse is priority so that if you pin first turn pinning applies after the cleanse!! The swapin attacks are nothing more than new style of play if you don’t try it yourself to see how ppl counter it you have no hope of countering it!


Preventing your opponent to draw draco twice in a game is already a counter.

Yes, it will kill a weakened Dino for sure, what you are asking is to prevent it from doing any damage and it’s not realistic. Even a perfect counter will not stop another dino to do any damage. For example tryrostronix counters stegoceratops, but it still will take a hit from stegoceratops, there’s no way to prevent stegocera from hitting you once.

For me a counter is it’s worth the trade even if you have to take some damage but can win the matchup. If your wounded Dino has 1000 hp left and your opponent uses Draco to kill it, if you prevent this draco from entering twice, it’s a win for you.


I like the dracos.
There are no random when they arrive in the game. Just tactics.
Random stuns, crits, dodge…no it’s no tactics there, just a test of luck.


Allowing priority moves to trigger BEFORE the swap in move but after the swap in might help bring some balance. Lots of times I’ll use an evasive move when I expect a swap-in but then be immediately one shot using, say, Monomimus. There’s absolutely no way to counter it other than to MAYBE (50% chance) already have evasive up. But if the Dracos got to swap in, allow the priority move to go off (either a cloak or a regen move or a charge) it’d give the struck Dino a fighting chance.


My new favorite thing. :boom:

Im sorry but dont call swapping a rat in and out tactics.

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Should i invest in Grypolyth??

So you upset that your losing a dinosaur that you aren’t able to keep alive any way?

And you state clearly that you have the ability to kill him with what looked to be about 8 different Dino’s.


Why are you going on and writing novels about the dracos being OP and horrible etc?

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Thor always brings down the hammer. I cannot Wait to have her.

The problem with that is a really specific counter, Lock attacks are few and far in between, I have a Gigaspikasaurus, but when she sint in my team and the enemy has the Dracoceratops I might as well give up beacuse I cant attack him with enough power and with hopes of surviving the next attack and if the opponent has both dracorex g2 and dracoceratops its annoying

That basically say that you need Uniques to kill it

If only there was a dino that nullifies abilities :yum:

Couldn’t agree more; if you put all your eggs in one basket you can’t complain when someone kicks it over; I actually have 39 creatures on my bench that are L20 and above and there are two places on my team that I regularly switch out. Helps that I want “to create them all” which stops me focussing too much on one branch of evolution over another when there is a choice.

That said I have worked so hard to get Suchotator to L29 (nearly 30) that I will be upset if I have to bench her (but then the meta will change again and she’ll be back); Monomimus will reign once again.

You do know that only works with camouflage and buffs of damage, speed and crit right?

No no i mean a new mechanic that would have a dinosaur with a passive skill that nullifies the abilities of swapped in dinos

Oh you also read that Dead Roll ability for the crocs? yeah that would be great