Please, stop dropping arenas

It’s quite egoistic to drop in arenas where you clearly don’t belong, since it only gives you a benefit, while all your opponents stand no chance to win at all. You take away the fun from other players for you very own fun. LVL 20, 19 etc in Sorna. You don’t belong here. Stop it. Thanks.

(“I only drop to get certain DNA blah-blah-blah”. Doesn’t change this fact)


What level of Sorna are you in? Because I just got sucker punched back down to Sorna after a brutal losing streak and most of my dinos are lvl 18 and 19. I’ve even got a 21 on my team. It really could be someone who had a bunch of bad losses…:woman_shrugging:

About 3700.
Your dinos are lvl 18-20, but your player lvl probably isn’t :wink:

If players have Indoraptor 24, Mono 22 and StegoD 26, there is no way you fight in Sorna if you have working fingers and eyesight.

I’d say that level 19 or 20 for a few Dino’s is actually pretty average for Sorna. I’ve been around 4700 for a hot minute and that’s what I run into alot. Here’s my team.

I JUST got out of Sorna yesterday and I’m player lvl 17, with a 24 Indoraptor, 23 almost 24 Stegod, 21 Trying, and the rest 20s.

okay that makes sense. Player level 19 and 20 not dino level. Yeah I’m just at a 14. Those over leveled Stegods are a PITA.


Still you aren’t 19 or 20, nor do you have 24 Monom, StegoD 26… :wink:

If you drop by a losing streak and I have to battle you, it’s bad luck for both of us, I guess. But with some teams you simply can’t drop to 3800, if you know how to tab a button.

I’m a level 11 player, almost 12, and I’m almost out of sorna marshes… I think any player level can be in any arena… just as long as their level isnt too small to be in a high arena

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@Baryonyx I think I lost to you recently. Haha it was a good match, but the beginning of a very long losing streak for me. Many cuss words were said haha.

Really? My in game name is Master, I dont think we battled…

I agree with you OP, there is no morally acceptable reason for someone who should clearly be much higher rated to be that low.

A losing streak will only drop you so far…but that’s not what the OP or myself has seen.

Yesterday I was up against a player that had 3 unique on their team and a 29 Stegodeus.
My highest level is a 24 Stegodeus lol.

I agree it doesn’t seem fair.
I mean I’m willing to go up against a team with a few levels on me, but come on…

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Hey, i can fight in Sorna if i use Sorna-appropriate power levels. Currently using non-meta dinos around level 20 and having very close fights because everyone uses Stegod/Indom which are tough to fight against with the wrong counters.

Well nvm then. I’m in upper Sorna right now. I just played someone whose in game name is Baryonx so I thought it was you.

Okie… thx for thinking of me though!:rofl:

Just an fyi, your in sorna till you hit 4k… by the time you hit upper sorna 3800+ your gonna be facing indos occasionally and 21+ stegod… “almost out” is extremely optimistic

First of all, I’m very close to getting out of sorna… probably not gonna leave for long, but its progress!
And what’s wrong with being optimistic? Is there something wrong with who I am?

As many people get a free win as those who get a definite loss. If there is no other way to get (insert Dino name here) then this is what people will have to do. It’s up to Ludia to fix this. I’m not dropping I’m current in the Ruins but I understand why others do it.

There is nothing wrong with being optomistic, i was just warning you. The level of dinos you face at 3200 is different then what your gonna face at even 3500 and 3800. Average dino level between 3200 and 3700 is like 3 levels or so different.

Like i said i was just preparing you for the fact most peoplenare in sorna for a month or two atleast.

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The way you said it was in a negative statement… you can say “That’s optimistic!” But you cant say “Your optimistic >:[” because that’s how I took it… btw, this is a play on the go game, so I have 2-3 hours everyday that I play this game… dont need a warning, I know what people go through…Its not nice to assume that I dont know what this game is, because I’ve actually been playing this for LONG time… but thx anyway :woman_cook:

Wrong emoji…:money_mouth_face:

Ok il stop…:exploding_head: