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Please stop giving 0 coins in Supply Drops

Hello Ludia,

I just tapped 5 supply drops, and on 3 of those I got no coins. On the other 2, I got only 11 coins apiece. However, I have capacity to receive about 8000 coins (see attached screenshot). Can you please fix the supply drop algorithm so this kind of thing will stop happening? It’s really unfair!


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How far away was the supply drop? If it was like 150m away then that can happen but if it was in your 30m range then you may have to send a ticket to if it keeps happening

Thanks for the quick response. I honestly don’t understand why this needs to happen at all. The Special Event supply drops already run out of coins very quickly as it is, and already today I stood directly on a Supply Drop and received 0 coins. The latter happens more frequently than you might think. Can this feature PLEASE be addressed moving forward? It’s incredibly frustrating!

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