Please stop giving these worthless dinos in incubators


Like really why even waste our time with these? There several that are just pointless. Especially when you are working on legendaries and unique dinos. Like there no use for em at all. Give em to the people who are free players or something.


I want them for the collection, so doesn’t bother me.


G2 Baryonyx isn’t complete trash. In fact, he’s pretty good. He trades some damage for more health and more speed, allowing it to outspeed the original Baryonyx. Also, defense shattering impact can be instantly used, where defense shattering rampage needs 1 turn to be used, giving it the possibility to finish off opponents where Baryonyx couldn’t.

Ps : Yes, i understand that you are frustrated about it, but at least he has some use.


My problem is the frequency. In arenas 2-6, the rare slots are all over the place giving dinos from all over. Since I hit arena 7 it’s only ever been Baryonyx Gen 2.

Yes, compared to other options, she’s not the greatest. Yes, it’s annoying to get that dinosaur over and over and over. Both of those together? Yup, that counts as worthless. Not necessarily trash, as there’s definitely a fighter in there, but worthless compared to the alternatives.


I tend to look at it like this: even if it’s a dino that you won’t even use in battle, the extra DNA comes in handy for making hybrids. And raptor DNA is always useful.

I love getting regular bumps to the DNA totals for Stego, Euoplocephalus, and Apatosaurus. Those three spawn a lot here, but the extra bump from incubs means I don’t have to slog it as hard anymore, to level them up.


Alot of what they give now don’t hybrid into anything. And I’m working on legendaries and unique Dino. So they don’t help me at all. Maybe give them to more free players who need decent dinos


Exactly when you working on legendaries and unique dinos it’s annoying to get all these ones


Sorry Dalek but none of the gen 2 dinosaurs do hybrids! So basically worthless when you are in Sorna marshes! It should not be the same ones over and over and over again! At least let us be surprised once in a while!


But once you have them do you keep wanting to level them up? In arena 7 they are useless to battle with unless you like getting your butt kicked!


Exactly what I’m saying.


Agree 100 %! Any one over level 10 in arena 7 should only be getting hybrid capability dinosaurs


I think the developers do it on purpose. They know if you get to arena 7 your probably spending some money compared to the other arenas. So they figure once you get there just let em spend money to progress and we’ll keep helping the free players more lol sad but probably true


But you’re automatically assuming that we all are obsessed with arena battle. I’m not. I might not be able to hybrid my gen2s, but I still don’t turn down free DNA. I’m more into the collection aspect, and use the battle arenas for incubs.

So I made an error in leaving out the Gen2 aspect before. But I take my time with the game. There’s no rush. When I finally have enough DNA to level or hybrid something, that’s fine. If not, then I keep on trying.

It’s not something to get wound up over, unless JWA takes priority over anything else in your life. And if it does, then what does that say about you?


It doesn’t need to take over your life. I play on breaks and lunch at work plenty of time for that then. I would still like useful stuff.


Agree. Especially those who spend $$