Please stop including Meta creatures in Tournaments

Please don’t put Maxi, Tryko, Thor, Dio, Magna, Erlidom, Spyx, and Draco in tournaments anymore. Otherwise it’s just a horrible 3 days long Arena tournament! I like the tournaments because they are not the arena. If this game was only arena, i would never play it! The arena is awful, that’s been established, now please stop allowing meta creatures to be in tournaments

Thor? Thor is meta in a skill tournament? What?
Edit: I see you just don’t like facing Thor. Fair enough, but the way I see it, it’s just an easy kill.


Literally erlidominus isnt meta in this tournament,

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Really it’s mainly magna and spyx. The only really good counter on magna is orion, and spyx is a tough one to counter with only one creature, with two he goes down but one on one is a pain. But it’s mainly just annoying to encounter these same dinos for any battles i play for 2 weeks straight.

Really like Qaw said, Thor isn’t either, and Tryko is really not all that hard either to beat, it’s just i’m tired of facing these same dinos. I don’t run any on my arena team and in this tourney, i have magna only

Gemini, Erlidom, Dio, Spyx, even Tenontorex and Monolorhino to some extent also counter Magna.

As for Erlikospyx, Testa, Dio, Mammolania and Orion all reliably counter it.

If you don’t like facing them, that’s understandable, it would be nice to have tournaments where the top creatures in a rarity are banned so the other ones get to shine.

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rinex is also pretty decent at countering magna if you want to gamble on the speed tie

I would disagree there. I see this as the perfect tournament without speed ties and boosts and pretty much everything except Apex. I am amazed at the different Dinos I am facing. I do not understand how this is different from epic skill tournaments. Yes, there’s a need for you to unlock uniques to get ahead. Also, Allosino at 26 has better stats and speed than Thor, Thor gets nasty only with the boosts, the way it’s not intended for use in the arenas. I am loving this last tournament so far even though I have lost more battles than the previous tournament.


A good counter is also tryostronix. Refresh and rampage takes a good chunk of the Magna out unless they swap into Orion.

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The only creatures you put as a counters all exist in the unique category. It’d be great if we finally get the diversity of rare, epic, and legendary hybrids, and perhaps the unique’s that aren’t the main 8 used in the arena. I’m not doing horrible in the tournament or anything. I just can’t stand playing against the same 8 dinosaurs for 2 weeks now. Over 200 total dinosaurs i think we have now, and i see 8. Day in and day out. They should incentivize players who use lesser rarity dinos to win tournaments. If you could win this with all rare hybrids (though i don’t know if there are 8 rare hybrids) then a bigger prize allotted. Factor in how many times they used the strike team with giving an extra trophy for every legendary and 2 for every epic and 3 for every rare. Uniques just get the 1 you normally get. That’d be kinda neat.

I’m in love with Orion he sweep a team
Screenshot_20201204-100857 Screenshot_20201204-100945 Screenshot_20201204-101028


Yeah, Allo is definitely worse to face than Thor, and Thor is actually easy to counter on many ways. I do agree unboosted Thor is not a threat really, however boosted it can be annoying, only cuz the prio stun move, once i get a Thor to give that move up finally, then they go down easy. Tryko is pretty easy in this one too, Dio is a bit of a pain. Really Spyx and magna are the biggest pains in the asses. I do like that we have the variety, but most players just think their arena meta team is the way to go. I feel that most of the players i’m battling have every creature except the newest line-up unlocked already. I’m only missing the new unique salamander and the poukandactylus and that’s cuz i get 10 dna for every hybrid attempt. I’m at 90 dna so far, so only 16 more times which getting 8000 tupandact dna is not an easy feat.

Orion is a beast in this tournament, and it’s got the speed over Magna. But any resiliant creature, especially shield breaking or nullifying will take down Orion pretty easy

That doesn’t mean that low-rarity counters don’t exist, they most certainly do, there’s at least 1 Common that beats Magna and one that beats Erlikospyx, and there’s Rares too. I just didn’t mention them because they’re not viable against the other Uniques, at least not as viable as other Uniques are.

well that and common can’t be used in this tourney

Also i don’t know how this happened

But i will say that at least knowing what dinos i will be facing a majority of the time prior to going in to a battle does help, since i’ll just pick only counters for those dinos, since thats what everyone seems to want to use. I have been having really good luck with the new legendary acro and carno, carno is a good counter for quite a few

There’s always something that’s going to be “meta” in every tournament, even if it’s not something that usually shows up in high level arena. In epic tournaments its Diplodocus, Woolly Rhino, and Sarcorixis (if it’s a hybrid tourney). In rare tournaments its stuff like Marsupial Lion.

I think having variety in tournaments insures that we never see the same thing too often. So personally I’m glad that it’s not yet another epic tournament. I’m glad that I have the chance to experiment with my uniques that aren’t at team level to decide what I want to focus on in the future. So I’m happy to see these kinds of creatures in tournaments.

Don’t get me wrong, i like using the uniques that aren’t the everyday played. It’s fun to use mammolania, or monolorhino, and my favorite to use is Testa, i tend to use Megalo in epics too. I like the deer line-up. However, the new unique turtle is not a good choice, as i found out, i’m pretty sure it’s more set up to be a raid dino, than a arena or tourney one. I like that we have variety, but most players don’t use the variety, they use what they already use everyday. I like when i battle people using different dinos, its fun, idc if i win or lose those battles, because it’s something different and challenging

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Some of those creatures desperately need buffs though. Entelolania is bad in both the arena and raids, for example. I enjoy using Testacornibus too, it’s an example of one you can totally use even though it’s not a common choice.
Ludia just needs to start balancing things properly, especially the bleeders.