Please stop overlapping event commons and rares

Commons and rares are both still spawning today even though the graphic said they weren’t supposed to this week. I don’t think they ever should. With strikes, sometimes treasure chests, and often 7+ different dinosaurs at green drops on Wednesdays, it’s difficult to find what you want and you’re often disappointed when you walk all the way to a group of distant green drops and they’re all commons. I vastly preferred it when all rarities were split up.


Hey Castal, our team has been informed. Thank you for letting us know!


Thank you @Ned … I am also dealing with this issue as I assume many are as well

Please don’t change the way it is now.

Making them not overlap means we only get two days for one of them, or we only get one day for the epic.

Find something else to complain about, please.

One compromise in the event of overlapping rarities could be to have a tower have both types available for darting, so a player could choose to dart that rare, or choose to go for the common/epic.

They could still only be able to dart 1, so that players cant just dart everything in one go at the same drop, but yeah, it would no longer be a case of getting to a stop in hopes of an epic, and its taken over with a common :slight_smile:


Noted. Thanks for the suggestion, Stiffeno!


I’m not sure I follow what your saying… no one is asking to reduce the days allowed to dart them… what I know I am asking for is for ludia not to make it more difficult to find and dart due to overlapping… for instance I can’t even dart any of the rare dinos because all of my green drops still have common dinos… which means according to the calander they put out… the common are not supposed to be out today…

If you make it so there are no days that overlap rarities, you have to take away a day from one of them. There are only seven days in a week. You can’t have three days of common, three days of rare, and two days of epic in a seven day week unless two of the rarities overlap for a day.

And the calendar was incorrect. If you had looked at the timer of the drops on Monday, you would have seen that it was the normal Monday-Wednesday schedule. It’s not uncommon for the info graphics to be wrong.

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With the days are you taking into consideration timezones and stuff? I know as an Aussielandian I had to add a day to their schedules, after I made the mistake one time staying out till midnight to hit that days epic strike tower, only to find it would actually be the FOLLOWING day.

Ahh the cons of living in the future -_-

Take a look at the calander for this week!

Why can’t it be the 2 days for common… 3 days for rare… and 2 days for epic

Ah ok I thought the calander was correct

That would have been even worse. Two days to get all those attempts would be too short.

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Ahh I guess I didn’t take that into consideration! I see your point as well

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:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: ok I guess it was wishful thinking

2 days for the common dino’s is plenty of time though… they are just common dinos after all


Exactly. I maxed out my common attempts by late Tuesday and I didn’t even leave my house. They respawn frequently enough and green drop distribution is decent enough now that it’s not difficult.

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I agree castal, overlapped event creatures makes for a very stale and boring hunting experience seeing as how with all the spawns you’re not likely to max out attempts on the creature you actually want

This is especially gonna be a huge problem when we have events like this saturday. Not saying it shouldn’t happen, but maybe at least give us 3 or so days to find the ones we want? Or split the rarities like others have mentioned

@Ned I’ve been around the downtown Savannah area on foot a lot today and have seen ONE rare tower. The tower distribution has been terrible for a long time and it just keeps getting worse. It’s so puzzling that such an important game mechanic is handled so badly.

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