Please stop overlapping event commons and rares

maybe you didnt noticed, that while it is “overlapping” that there are likely the double amout of green drops. I live in a village and i noticed that several times. when the “common green drops” are disappearing, there are only the half of the green drops remaining in my city. if it is overlapping, i have like double amount with mixed types of dinos… So… if you stop overlapping … everyone will complain about too less green drops again… endless story… sorry for abuse you post, but it’s perfect to promote my own post: Need some or at least 1 park

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I prefer that they overlap on one day. The commons can have a lot of attempts making it hard to dart them all. The days with epic + special event spawns are an absolute nightmare though. For example it will be like 90% Indoraptor and 10% epics, which essentially means you have to catch all the epics in one day. Stiffeno has an interesting idea…

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Please stop overlapping ANYTHING! It’s the worst thing when you’re excited about a chance to dart some legendaries, but they are competing for green drops with epics or rares! Who ever thought this would be a good idea? Legendaries and uniques used get their own day in these events, let’s go back to that!

I’m afraid Saturday’s event is gonna suck. We got 7 different types on the map and a bunch of special dinos, so finding the one you need is gonna be impossible.

Just look at this!


4 green drops around me, 3 of them are commons …