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Please stop putting dinos on the front of incubators if they aren't actually inside


Just like the indoraptor incubator. Opened 6… 0 total indoraptor DNA.

This new strike event… why put dilophosaurus gen 1 on the front if you get dilo gen 2, diplocalus gen 1 and 2 and koolasuchus gen 2…


I did the strike event and i got Dilophosaurus gen 1 in the incubator.


@CleverBoy I didn’t get any Diplophosaurus either. I got the Gen 2 and others u mentioned :pensive:


Same. That has happened to me with the raptor incubater last week.


I got about 400 dilo dna in total. Im guessin im lucky


2nd incubator in the event gives you dilo gen 2. the 3rd has dilo gen 1 on the front too, did the strike event twice. 0 total dilo gen 1 from both