Please stop rare DNA daily achievements-COVID

Please stop including collecting rare DNA as one of the daily achievements. Here in the UK you can be fined up to £1000 for leaving the house for non essential reasons. So I can’t go out and find it. I’ve used up all my scents so far trying to collect enough every day but never get enough and really need t-Rex dna.

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You can fuse to get rare Dna to complete missions so shouldn’t be a problem.


I’ve tried that and it didn’t seem to work. It wasn’t counting towards the score…I’ll try again now…

Nope doesn’t work. Think it’s because I’m level 20 so fusing doesn’t change anything in my dna collection as I can’t level up any further…really really annoying!

That falls under cheating and can get you banned.

As a fellow UK player I can tell you it really isn’t that difficult to get Rare DNA sitting at home. I do it all the time. Use scents, especially the giga and rare ones. As a level 20 player as well, I can confirm that combing DNA to create a Rare hybrid does work towards the Rare DNA goal. I do it all the time. If that isn’t working, then I recommend contacting support and reporting that as a bug.

The other thing is that the Rare requirement usually only comes up (in my experience) on days when Rare creatures are more commonly sighted in the wild.

Edit: Also, you can go out walking as part of your daily exercise. I play JWA doing a walk around my neighbourhood.



Collecting rare dna is not a problem, as you can get 2-3 giga scents daily from free incubator. Usually one giga scent is more than enough to finish rare dna task. You also get rare dna from incubators you run and from strike events (if you are lucky to have them in range) and fusing rare hybrids dna.

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Just activate a giga scent and you’re done in half an hour :wink:

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I am all for taking into account covid19 in JWA but I have to agree that collecting 2000 rare DNA even while staying at home and without running any scent is fairly easy to achieve for a level 20 player. It would be much better for everyone if supply drops, special events, strike towers, treasure chests were rotating every 3 hours or 6 hours. Repeating myself I know but I have yet to see any response of any sort from Ludia.

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They could at least double drops now, for a month or two and rotate strike towers at 12h mark, as they did when we had more towers.

I’m going to try that. It doesn’t matter how much I fuse rare creatures my dna doesn’t increase. Thanks.

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That is really bizarre because it should work. Hopefully Support can fix that for you.

Am I missing something? As a level 20 player should I be able to get more rare DNA somehow? I live in the middle of nowhere and my government issued walk is usually taken up with work calls so it’s really only the weekend when I can activate a giga scent…I realise that that is not the games fault…

Yeah did that in the end but it took two hours and I can’t do that when I’m working! Thanks though!

I just don’t have 9 hours a day to watch it! Ha ha! Thanks though!

I have no idea what that even is!

It’s basically a way to cheat the game and move around in game without physically moving. It’s against the T&C and can/will get you banned.

Don’t need to watch it all the time. Rare spawns are really common on giga scent, so you should finish it even if you miss half of one giga scent.

Sometimes I do only one giga on tournament days and complete all quests easily.