Please stop showcasing more than 2 epic dinosaurs per weekend


I really think that showcasing 5 different epic dinosaurs over 2-3 days is a very bad idea. All of them spawn randomly and that is a pain because you can’t get what you are after. I was hoping to get some Sinoceratops DNA and of course I couldn’t because everywhere are Amargocephalus/Ankylosaurus and many green supply drop boxes were converted into strike events from Saturday afternoon making everything much worse! Please don’t showcase more than 2 epic ones on weekends in the future!


Do you know why it got 15 attempts for epic this week?
It’s because they release 5 epics, and 3 attempts for each.

More epics for weekly event got its benefit.
Yes, need to spent more time finding dinos you want, but still better than only 2 epics IMO.


I think it’s good having a mix of numbers available each week. It means you have to change your game strategy to meet the challenge. I’ve walked the legs of the dog this weekend finding 15 dinos :blush:


I know they increased it to 15 attempts but what is the point if I only see 2 out of 5 of those epics in 4 parks I have been to? Also, they converted many green supply boxes into strike events so they reduced their numbers. I personally think it’s better to have a strategy and focus on dinosaurs that you want to level up instead of upgrading everything you got. I rather have 6 DNA attempts of desired DNA each weekend than 1-2 of each type if you are lucky enough.


I actually loved the epic hunt this weekend, yes it was hard to get the ones I decided on for my 15 but I spent the day yesterday finding them and it was ace to get so much epic dna.


I spend 2 hour in Paris to get my 15 Sinoceratops, I think you should target big city! Personally this week was awesome :clap: !


Loads of attempts are fun and all but a biiiiig pain in the ass for people who live very far away from some event drops…


Well, you would have a different view if all you could see was the same dinosaur! Just look at the attached picture. I don’t live in a big city but I never had issues getting DNA I need from previous weekly showcases.


I had rubbish luck with this event. I managed to find 2 Sinoceratops out of all the event drops I could possibly find.


I don’t have much possibiliies to go hunting on weekends but I think it is ok to have more epics, cause most of the times, when they are just two and I want just one of them, I often finish the weekly event not using all the attempts cause I see only one of the two dinos, and she is the one I don’t want to hunt.
This week there were 5 dinos, I made my own ranking:
First choice Amargocefalo
Second choice Anchilosauro
Third choice Siconeratopo

I did 11/15 attemps and tomorrow morning I hopefully finish all my attempts, just because there are many opportunities I can choose.
Again, if there were just two dinos, like Amargocefalo or Stegoceratopo, I would just skip Stegoceratopo and, as already experienced, not using all the attempts.

Yes of course I agree, green supply drops need to be increased and must not be replaced with strike events.


I’ve been to like 7 or 8 different parks and I found only 1 Sinoceratops. It was miles away from my home. I blame Ludia for that issue because they took away half of those green event drops and changed them into strike event drops. Sigh.


If you are dedicated to it it is much beneficial. I caught 15 sinos this weekend(going for a utarinex) and i am happy that there were 5 otherwise i wouldnt have my 18 lv utasinoraptor


You were lucky and that was my plan too, but unfortunately I was unable to do that, even with going to parks that are really far. I think Ludia’s dev team should find a way and code it so different epic dinosaurs would spawn in parks instead of showing all the same ones very close to each other. :slight_smile:


:frowning: rip…20 characters


The MORE epics in event (=more attemps), the BETTER. Ludia, please do 10 epics or more in 1 event ;-).


My city has about 15 park supply drops (a quarter of which were blocked by strike towers during this event, but that’s another issue). I saw one amargocephalus the entire time. Luckily, that wasn’t one I wanted! I wanted all anky, but only saw three. I got mostly sinocera and stegoceratops. I like having some choice, but I agree that five epics was too many. The events with two have been the best for me.


My suggestion is:

More epic attempts is still better, but some players frustrated by bad event spawn.
So how about let us able to choose dino we want to dart?

For example, let event spawn show a little incubator or capsule…something else.
Tap it, and you can appoint the dino (in the weekly list) you want.

Or another way, keep the mechanism now, but on event spawn, you can spent some coin (might be decided by the rarity of dino), and change the dino to your favor.
(Each time spend coin will only change event dino once, need to spend coin again in the next time)


Had to catch train up and down city over and over again(6hrs) ended up having to just grab quite a few anky even though I needed sinoceratops(have had Utah and allo waiting to fuse for ages because sino seems to not spawn at all anymore while I see squads of anky spawn weekly) made a utahsino but annoyed because if it wasn’t impossible to find the sinoceratops during its darn event I would have also gotten allosino. Guess I have to wait for next time sino is featured where they will likely have it with 5 other epics just to make it impossible again! Same thing they keep doing with galimimus! I don’t get why they say hey these Dino’s will be available and then it seems the spawning patterns are designed to make you not get the rarest DNA on offer every time


I agree that more epic per week = to more attempts = better. But then again I live in an area with big parks close to one another and that gives me 20-30 event boxes within 1 hr of each other.

I suppose those living in small towns would not get that luxury therefore it’s not good for them


more epic plus more attempts is way better, yes the spawn rates are not good sometimes but personally i like being able to dart 10 ankys and 5 sinos!!! if it would only of been anky and sino we would of only got 6 attempts. im in Pennsylvania and was out in the pouring rain walking thru woods darting dinos just to get all 15 attempts :joy::joy::sweat_drops::sweat_drops: