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Please stop this Ludia


Past march tournament events proved that “too much good isn’t good”. I believe there’s serveral topics about failed communal event (kraken boss) simply because that event was overlapped with tourney… maybe player lost their interest with communal event becuse it was less beneficial? Who knows
Check out: Ludia please increase the time before is too late!

In my honest opinion, overlapped events has major impact towards the rate of event failure… and even worse, now we have tourney rules
I dont really understand how devs makin rule decision. Take example on lythronax tourney: Rules: herb and carnivore only (which is weird. Why would someone use herbivore when there was tons of carnivore?)
The gorgosuchus tourney washed the bad after tasteof the past tourney, where everything felt normal

But once again the peroblems appear again
Overlapped event
Nonsense rule
Here’s my opinion about this new deinocheirus tourney rule:

  1. Forcing people to waste dna to create creatures tht normaly wont be used in other weekly missions
  2. New hybrids are OP in this tourney
  3. Wont stop smurfing
  4. Super rare aquatic requires more dna

I hope there will be changed before the event goes live…
But back again, those just MY OPINION… maybe it wont matter at all

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To me is good way to earn free SDNA and more stuffs not the main Dino reward

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I just want loyalty points from the card pack, and i’m afraid the communal event will be a huge failure


I don’t mind the rules for the most part, but I do not like the double events. I am dreading later this month when we have the double tournament. At least this time, the tournament and boss use different creatures. This has not always been the case.


Dino bucks is still dino bucks

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