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Please stop trying to force me to do PVP

As has been documented extensively on this forum, PVP is a broken experience, and I personally don’t like PVP in any game anyway. I still enjoy this game for the campaign and especially the challenges, but I’m getting increasingly frustrated with the latest change where quests force you to do PVP. For normal quests, I can just delete them at least (though that means I can’t delete other non-PVP quests I don’t like), but for daily quests I either have to do the PVP quests or I miss out on lots of gold and quest points. It’s a lose-lose situation for me. I’m sure this was a conscious decision by the devs to try to increase PVP participation, but I wanted to voice my opinion that some of us are unhappy with it.

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Have they changed it so that the quests that have been there since before are sometimes pvp only? It was my understanding that the goals in those could be completed in pvp or challenge dungeons.

I haven’t really paid attention because I usually just do them all including pvp.

I agree that there should be some that are “pvp free.” Partly because not playing pvp is a fair choice but also because some people don’t have strong enough WiFi connections to play pvp reliably.

Hmm you are right I just looked in and my newest one is to beat 20 opposing heroes in battle.

The original quests can be deleted once per day though and the battles ones often (always?) don’t involve arena.

The daily quests should be replaceable like the old ones or give an option to achieve so and so in arena OR do so and so (outside of arena)