Please stop trying to turn this into Pokemon Go!


I’ve been playing pogo since the beginning. This game is refreshing because it’s similar but not the same. I don’t want another game that you have to walk mindlessly for hours to hatch eggs or get dna. If that is what I wanted I would just continue with pogo. Please just improve the features that are already on here (bug fixes) and take some suggestions like the friends list so you can battle the people you know or allowing players to choose their own 4 to go into battle with. But that’s just my opionion.


If people choose their own Dino’s you would never win there would be too many major players no middle class basically either your a loser or a winner.

Having random selection helps mix the wins and losses up more .

This isn’t the same as Pokémon go just because theirs a map and you go after Dino’s . But I agree don’t make it the same.

I think where it’s at now is pretty decent just a few tweaks here and there​:+1::grin::canada:

Great topic thanks for post👍



I can understand your point of view in what you’re saying LadyCaswell, but you need to take into consideration that many people do like the walking around aspect of these games.

it gets people outside (when it’s not raining) and enjoying the fresh air, instead of sitting on the sofa.

Personally I wouldn’t like to see a friend battle system as it would be highly exploited if you were to gain arena battle points from it. Sure if a friend’s list was added, which I have nothing against, but if a battle with friends option ever gets added, it would need to be separated from the arena system, where you do not gain any form of currency, items etc.

But every opinion is welcome and I hope Ludia do listen to the feedback the community provides to try and make the game better for everyone.


Hi Doowie
I used to enjoy Pogo but as a disabled person who cant walk very far. I felt that I was a bit at a disadvantage being unable to hatch eggs often or by not being allowed to be a passenger in a car to at least get to pass by the stops… so I do prefer this game format and would hate for the walking aspect to be a primary part of this game… but each to there own… if people like it they can play Pogo if not then JWA is a fantastic game… with a few bug fixes…


The fix for the imbalance of beginner - experienced players are the arena levels. You win, you move up. You lose, you go back. I’ve been back and forth from the first and second arena lots. It’s just how games are and you get better in time. My first battle in lvl 2 arena I got stomped and did the typical “that’s bs!” But it didn’t make me quit. :blush::+1:
I’m still a relatively new player but I really like this game so far.


Hi there Wolfgirl,

That I can completely understand, but playing the devils advocate on this, a game can never be created for everyone in the world, based on language or accessibility due to a disability for example. Of course having the ability to cater to everyone would be fantastic.

As Spock once said … “the needs of the many, outweigh the needs of the few”.

(For the young people out there, it’s from the original Star Trek movies).


KI ageee if they do have PvP like walking up to someone and doing a battle or battling a friend should not be included as part of the stats of the main game itself . Would be a lot of ways to cheat and gain points from double accounts ect … so I would be against the whole player versus player in the way of playing anyone you pick like a friend (if it’s linked to the main stats ect…)

But I love these games that get me out. I like jurassic world how it is maybe with a tweak here and there but it’s really good right now. I’m out collecting DNA walking and busing I do it daily and enjoy it !

Thanks for the response doowie you made a good point about the battling system


For your concern, every post about friend battles that I’ve read is understood to be purely for fun, not gain of any sort.

And I’m all for that kind of addition. ^.^


Yes any post you read would be a positive thing they say but there’s lots of people who cheat and would take advantage of PvP in person using fake accounts to gain experience points or gain game stats. No one who cheats is gonna post about it lol they hide and do it where no one knows or sees… that’s how it works…


Look at Pokémon go it’s flooded with spoofers happens people cheat in all games best thing is to avoid that as much as possible keep the game pure.

Not saying it’s a bad idea. I just I know people and they will take advantage of the friend battling it it is linked to the main game stats (ranks) ect. Nothing wrong with it for battling at all. We just need to avoid the possible outcomes for cheaters in the game. You can still have it with those guidelines . :wink:


“or the one”
(to finish the quote completely)


Ummmm. Did you totally miss the message in Star Trek 4? Kirk and the rest of the ship save Spock at their own peril and state their reason: Sometimes the needs of the one outweigh the needs of the many. For a more nuanced argument, check out this article:

Spock’s axiom is far from absolute and citing it here because you feel that a disabled person should understand when games like POGO are difficult for them to play because they are in the minority really isn’t a kind thing to say. They have a right to complain too!
I think it good that this game doesn’t require incessant walking, but I do wish there were more social aspects!


Hi Hazelnutmegan… thank you for such a thoughtful and response re the Star Trek quote… it warmed my heart that someone understood my point of view.


Avoiding cheatings while having PVP with friends? It’s simple. You’ll get nothing(or just some darts) but fun from PVP with friends. And you’ll get ranks and the others in the arena. Hey someone just wants to show his friends something awesome he got. They just want to have fun with their friends. Think about how exciting when you got an awesome one tonight and tomorrow your friends would be surprised when they’re beaten.