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Please stop warrior draft

Does anyone like this game mode? As far as im concerned its the worst feature of the game. PVP is already fraught with problems that have been discussed repeatedly to no avail but warrior draft takes things to new levels of awful. Underpowered toons, low level gear that rarely procs, gear sets that don’t make sense… most of my matches end up going to fire because it just takes too long to kill anyone. Please just get rid of the mode and have normal PVP. Or at least make the warrior draft gear at max level so the matches arent so insufferably long.

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Yes, some of us like it.
It’s fun to play with and against characters that aren’t maxed out occasionally.

There have been some I haven’t enjoyed (yes, mainly those lowest level legendaries that don’t proc often), but IMO this guild one works well! And opponents have been found fast.

I quite like it.
Makes me use different gear.

This did not go how i intended

I normally avoid WD. Seems like a pointless waste of a Skull key in most matchups especially if the server d/cs randomly, losing bouts as a result. Almost as pointless as the Anvil boss raid.

So explain again why this is fun!?


0-12 didn’t kill one character but if I want to play again I can pay 100 gems! Here is my last match up