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Please stop with the monthly resets!

I’m so tired of being thrown down at the start of every new season after working so hard to get where I am. They don’t serve as anything other than a nuisance at this point, causing problems in the arena while everyone battles to get to exactly where they were before anyway.


Was up at 5.8k now I’m stuck in the library :joy::joy:

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This season I bypassed the reset border (5250) for thw first time. 5487. I was so dissapointed when I saw the whole reset thing today. I mean, I always knew reset exist but I though thw border is higher than 5250…

Of course I agree with you. Remove this asap. Or at least move it higher. Maybe to 5750 or somewhere close

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I’m the very same.

Had worked my way up past 5,800 trophies, then lost 1 game (against a crazy OP team) and suddenly I’m back in that dank Library.

I get the feeling that the next week or so is going to be another absolute slog…

Resets achieve two goals one is the keep the top of the ladder from getting stagnant and honestly that’s debatable in this game.

But the other factor is Seasonal rewards… there is a significant bump in rewards for those that surpass the reset line. 5200 is 2600 dna 5800 is 4200. That 1800 dna is significant considering you only get 2600 for your first 5200 trophies.

Is it a slog and a grind to get back up? Yes and That’s why the rewards are higher.

The reward might not always be worth it and that’s when you decide to take it easy during a season and not really push for trophies.

If you don’t care for the rewards there is literally no in game reason to push back up.

Reset is one of the worst things this game does. Resetting everyone whose scores range from 5500-8000+ points back to 5499 just causes a massacre in the Library, and everyone below that gets pushed down as a result. It doesn’t stabilize for at least a week, often longer, and many players don’t even want to battle for the first few days after reset. Seems like a mechanic that makes people actively avoid a core part of the game is something Ludia should rethink. I’m not saying they need to scrap reset entirely, but they could at least reset everyone above 6000 to 6000 instead of to 5499.


I agree. Just give the season reward and continue with where you were at. It’s very frustrating and annoying.

A while back I suggested that they just take a snapshot of a players rating at the time they start the season, and simply reset it back to what it was after the season ends…this would stop people losing progress.

I understand, never had it happen to me tho. But when I first joined the game, I had like 1,000 trophies and saw people with 27,000.