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Please support Apple users - constant crashes


I’ve posted on this before and since that time have seen a number of other Apple users posting about the same issues. I am having lots of crashes in specific areas since the update (I’m running iPad Air but have seen posts by others using iPhones)

Opening individual battle chests - almost 100% crash rate
Looking through rewards in challenges tab - almost 100% crash rate
Going into forum/donating in forum - almost 100% crash rate
Looking through gear on my characters - almost 100% crash rate
Opening shop chest - occasional crash

Going into battles, going into challenges, explore mode - doesn’t crash

Cheers :slight_smile:

Hmm I have been lucky I am an apple user and I have had very few crashes. Good luck I hope they can fix your problem :slight_smile:

That’s bad… I have an iPhone and the game is remarkably stable for me. With a few notable exceptions (donating 10 items in guild) the game almost never freezes or crashes on me. I’m guessing you tried reinstalling the game. Have you tried refreshing the app cache. I am told that helps, though I’ve never done it.

I guess I have had a few freezes when donating as well. I had forgotten that. Otherwise it has been a long time since I have had a problem at all and I use apple

I get the donation issue crop up a lot. If I donate more than four items quickly, I get an infinite loading bug.

I didn’t try reinstalling as it said I would lose my data but I offloaded the app - kept the data but installed and reinstalled the app.

Haven’t been able to find an option to clear the app cache and Apple help said that can’t do that (which didn’t seem right to me …)

Hey Turbotarry, sadly, reinstalling the app would be the way to clear the cache on iOS devices.

If your game is linked to your Facebook account, you should be able to retrieve your game account after reinstalling when you log into the same Facebook account again. However, I would recommend having your support key saved or written down, just in case.