Please sync daily countdowns

Currently my daily supply drop limits reset in 9h 38m but my daily mission goals reset in 14h 38m; I got up early this morning and spun some drops and interacted with creatures in sanctuaries - because this was in the 5h window between the two resets it is now nigh impossible for me to complete my daily mission today as I do not have enough resources unless I get up very early again (which I am not doing just to claim 100 Ourano). Why on earth can’t the daily resets/countdowns be synced. Grumble over.

[Edit] Grumble back on: AND my daily battle incubator resets in 12h 38m :rage: which has also made it difficult to complete the daily missions on a number of occasions. Just have one reset!!


Agreed. It’s confusing/not convenient that none of the 75 daily timers reset at the same time.

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Yeah the countdowns should match to be honest.

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@GPx this is EXACTLY my problem :joy::joy::joy: @PQC I understand you 100%, Paul


i was to post this yesterday.
today, one more increase in tasks, then before i create a new topic i was almost sure someone already did it hahaha.

yesterday i got the task in the limit, later night. i think today i wont get it, because i would have to stay awake at night.

i dont even know if i can get enough resources to 6 interactions and plays…

the “impossible day” is today, i think. :frowning:

but i think its not to “suggestions” area. its a thing to fix.

Yes but this is only a problem if you don’t plan it well. As you said in the other topic if you miss out a day you can get back on track and stick to it. Obviously having all the timers synced would help enormously in that too.

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It is doable if you don’t do anything during the period between your first daily reset and your last; which normally isn’t an issue for me as that is between 1am and 6am; it occasionally catches me out if I am up early (or go to bed late).

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im planning to skip today’s daily and loose 100 ourano to sync all this mess, and keep more relaxed to to from tomorrow on.

Daily mission?
That’s the first thing I stopped caring about.
Ludia built their empire on gambling based games, they know what it takes to get you addicted and coming back.
I don’t care about the daily’s and it hasn’t really mattered.

Well good for you. On the other hand, if a good epic is put in as the reward then 100 dna a day, i.e. 3000 over the course of a month is definitely not something to ‘not care about’.



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THIS! I couldn’t claim Ourano yesterday because of this, it’s ridiculous, either throw out the pointless interactions from daily missions or up the daily limit for them, this is insane

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Yeah I missed one daily cause of this too

Thatd be really helpful, though a lot of programming on their part since Im on another side of the world, from where Im normally in. So if youre traveling it would be messed up. But I guess, they should be able to do it, after all they made the game.

Apparently I AM sad enough to get up at 4am for 100 Ourano DNA … :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

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Agreed. I was finishing the daily missions almost every day until the creature interactions were added. Now, there’s almost no hope. It makes me not want to play any more

I’m out of toys, I’ve hit the limit for receiving more toys.
I’m 5/6 on play with a sanctuary dino for the daily mission.
This is first time I’m missing out on collecting this daily reward.

Uh-oh. I do not want to run into this problem too. I hope this issue gets resolved.

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