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Please teach me

I chenged iphone, and I want to take over this game date from previous iphone to new iphone.
but, I’m Japanese and not good at English.
I can’t understand well …
Please teach me how to take over date!

Connect to facebook and your data should be just fine

New iPhone already setup?

I used Quick Start for mine.

Apple Support Page Japanese (I hope)

thank you for reply!
I don’t use facebook.
I think that I will entry facebook…!

I already setup new iphone.
I didn’t know that way…
Thank you for your detailed reply!

I never needed Facebook for any game data savings: My iPhone is backed up to iCloud (= all data gameprogress as well) is saved there.

Plus you have with Titans Uprising a connection to the GameCenter. I have, which greets me with my player name every time I open the app.

Plus you can now connect your game with Sign in with Apple.

I heard Android devices can connect save games with the Play Store, but I have no own experience on that.

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Google play games saves the progress for TU
I don’t use Facebook.