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Please tear apart my team, be brutally honest

I can handle the ugly truth! I am asking for feedback on how to improve my current team. I have been hitting a wall in mid-Library and the books are getting a bit dusty. I have lots of coin and cash to level up. Whaddya think? Thanks!


Looks to me that your weakest link would be the level 25 tenonto, how ever, with the current meta being in favor of tenonto, Im gonna say erlindom should be traded for Mammolania. If you can upgrade it a couple times, then I would. Most of your team is pretty solid, though.

I’d put thylo in there, It seems like you don’t have much on the countering max and tryko front.

id say you need a good bleeder. i’d take out one of your speeders for it.

Quetz, erlidom, and tenonto are probably your weakest links

Dreadful, no Utasinoraptor or Carnotarkus. 0/10. /s

In all seriousness, I’d say level that Quetz up. Maybe I’ve been lucky, but a few times mine has swept entire teams on her own. She can also put a good dent in Tryko or Ardentis if someone swaps out during her rampage.

Erlidominus isn’t that great in this meta, I second trading her for Mammolania.


Level up Mammolania, get Erlidom out

I agree those are my weakest links ElEd. What if I levelled up my Thylo to 24? I am also waiting for the end of the wooly rhino season to add Monolorhino. Your thoughts please?

Your team is not really bad, but since erlidom is a bit weak in this meta i would replace It for a tank like Dio or lania. Having a good bleeder would help too, i suggest Thyla. Rinex, phoru and Orion are good speedsters but you probably should replace one of them too. Phoru is really good but i personally wouldn’t invest much on a non superhybrid, but yours is already 27 so :man_shrugging:
And since you already have magna maybe rinex would be the best option to replace.

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If you can’t get monolorhino to team level then I’d say It isn’t worth investing. It’s a very good swapper but It won’t be that useful without the same amount of boosts and levels of the other team members. Thyla on the other hand will still be useful even If slightly underleveled

All I’d say is get Erlidom out. Most of the ones I face are level 23-25 and they die pretty easy, despite my team average being 19-24. Mammolania is really good, mine at 22 causes mayhem. Thyla only gets in there if you think it’s needed, which it is for me. It’s not exactly easy to counter, but not hard either.

Smilo would not be a bad option to go for as it’s better than erlidom and is decent (although not great). Mammolania is also not a bad option. If your thylac is THAT low, then I’d avoid using it now. I would say your mammolania or smilonemyes are your best bets. Also, mammolania benefits greatly from boosts so that is something to consider (just do hp and armor with some speed)

Your team looks pretty good. Below is the last I checked, the most used creatures by the top 10 players. This team worked well for me and I may put them back together when I’m done playing every level 20 & 21 creatures I have.

My Team 20200817

Indoraptor Gen 2 would have to be on my Strike Team if I were you. Everyone’s different though, but that’s just me. I usually crush anything like that Erlidominus with it. So I would swap them.

I’d say lose the Utahrinex definitely in favor of Mammolania or a bleeder like Thylacotater.

If you’ve already significantly boosted Erlidominus, keep it and lose one of the other speedsters. Otherwise, it should probably go as well.

You’ve got 4 top dinos in Max Magna Tryko Pho. Rest can all go. Erlidom can still work. If it’s speed boosted just lead with it and it can do huge damage. Great for setting up. Thyla has good swap synergy with quetz and pho and rinex. I run thyla but I’m working on Ptervexus. Find it to be a better bleeder. Everyone just swaps on thyla into a magna. So easy to counter. Lol… grypo is still also good.

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