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PLEASE Tell Me How's This Is Fair? 2p

I Thought I Was Getting Somewhere But I Guess Not???

Ludia??? Any Response???

I’m sorry that happened, SweetShay23. Our team is working on a fix for this issue.

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Thanks Ned, I Hope The Issue Gets Solved, But It Sure Seems If These Guys Are Getting Harder, Y’all Seen When I Posted My Last Level Gone Through, It Been A Minute, And I’ve Upgraded A Lot Since Then, And I Still Can’t Seem To Pass This Level??? I Don’t Know What The Deal Is? But, I Hope You Guys Get It Sorted Out Soon, As I’m Ready To move On A Little Bit!!! Thanks Ludia, And @Ned For Getting My Stuff To The People It Needs To Get Too!!! I Sure Hope You Guys Can Fix Some Of This Stuff For Y’allz Players, Before Everyone Quits!!! I Don’t Plan On Being One, As I Really Do Love Y’all’s Game, But I Do See A Lot Of Folks Who Begs The Differ!!!

Don’t you have the levitate spell?

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Ha, Just Now Going Through It Again, For The :100:th Time, And This Happen

AND My WiFi Just Fine, Still Had All My Crew

Kinda Disappointing, Now I Will Have To Start Over Again Right? :poop::gun::tongue::triumph:
And I Waited About 5 Min Hoping It Would Load, But Didn’t, So Here I Am

And Yet It’s Still Loading

I Don’t Think It’s Working Right Yet!!!

I’ve had that one

Also a very annoying one

Think it was second to last tile of tenth node of light finger estate.

Room on right impossible as had 4 water spouts with targeting issues room on the left would just freeze after wizards turn :stuck_out_tongue:

Was 3rd or 4th room so was next to impossible To get there and of course would freeze when your having a perfect run with all abilities refreshed but not freeze when u had two characters left in dire straits …

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I may be wrong but I recall reading in another thread that similar issues were resolved by freeing memory on the device. Perhaps closing some unnecessary apps will resolve the issue.

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