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Please tell us what the Defense stat really means!

Ok,so in arena you roll for an opponent and I got one that said 1080 (just one dragon!). So what does that mean @Marcus @Ned because the dragon was actually 1644. How are we to understand who to attack when the Defense figure appears meaningless?

I believe this is because your defense dragons get a stat boost.

I know they do but the one dragon opponent I had was fighting as boosted and was 1644 - what did the 1080 stand for? I have tried working it out on my own team and it corresponds to no number I can get to, before or after taking into account the boost! It might be the actual bp of the said dragon, if it was on 4* but only just, but this is therefore a meaningless figure. Why can’t they show us the stats we will actually face? Besides I don’t think it is that, my Defense team of six dragons shows as 5999, my attack team of 5 unboosted dragons is just over 6k!?

Gotcha and yeah your right that seems a bit strange… Did you happen to have a screenshot? As far as I know there’s no special power boost or something you can buy from the emporium is there?