Please think ahead and rework Grypolyth before the all rarity tourney

I love this tourney format and want it to be as enjoyable as possible. But with the new grypolyth, mirror matches will be an absolute pain. You can literally buff since it does no damage, lockdown, and attempt to escape over and over again without needing to attack the opponent. Not only that but you can heal as well. I can see scenarios where someone is beating their opponent but then be forced into a stalemate because of exceeding turns due to this.


It needs to gain swap prevention immunity, or lose stun immunity, so that you can escape while it’s stunned… given you time it right with the oponent’s moves

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That’s true, those mirror matches are a real pain, all It needs is swap prevention resistance. While at It, I would even go ahead and fix the new move, It doesn’t seem to be working right with the turns and could get a small improvement, i think making It a priority move is a good idea
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While I’m not necessarily against a Grypo rework, I don’t want to make it uncounterable. @ElEduardo suggested a partial stun res, and I think that would let Grypo vs Grypo end at one point. Grypo is a creature that should be vulnerable to swap prevention, given its reliance on healing and stalling

But how would It having swap prevention resistance affect its counters? Almost nothing that counters It even have no escape. I think having that resistance is a much easier solution than partial stun resistance. Correct me If I’m wrong, but If immobilize is a priority move, even If one of the grypos get stunned the other still won’t be able to swap as the stun will wear off before It can. The only way for It to escape is to have both use immobilize at the same time and one of them get lucky. I don’t find that very reliable.

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It’s the way Grypos play style works . It relys and healing and stalling, so it needs to be able to be trapped by a revenge killer, that’s by design

The best analogy I have is with Spinoconstrictor, as playing both recently, they play so similar it scares me. Spinoconstrictors emphasis on weakening your opponent before going for a cut with PR works because it can’t heal, and you rarely will be able to use after you start with it. Grypos emphasis on tanking a hit and then healing most of it away wouldn’t work as being vulnerable to swap prevention allows revenge killers like Alloraptor and Spinonyx to set up.

Swap prevention res still wouldn’t stop Grypo vs Grypo tho, as they are usually at the end of a match, and if both players fall on Grypo and can’t swap otherwise they lose, we’re back where we started

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Any of those two things can help end the cycle. Stun resistance would make more sense than swap prevention resistance from a creature building standpoint

I agree with full pin resistance, just so one can leave.

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But if they give grypo a stun resistance, and one of them go for regen and the other for immobilize it could work, and if they change ferocious defense like @Isaah_Wii says that escenario could happen aswell

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I would maybe throw grypo a bit of a bone for losing the immunity, but yeah grypo vs grypo is something that needs to be fixed, because if no one wants to give in, then you’re gonna be in for a pain in the rear

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True, I’m in favor of a partial stun since we can have both players have only grypo as their last dino

I see your point, and in the case of having grypo as the last dino for both players, partial stun would still be the best solution for this case. But i still think it’s necessary for It to have at least partial swap prevention resistance as It could help with this matchup by either allowing one of them to swap or traping them and making they waste their turn. Maybe a 67% resistance on both stun and swap prevention could make this work. I don’t really think It affects the revenge killers at all, spinonyx isn’t really relevant and alloraptor doesn’t have no escape. And in the case stuff like spinonyx and Spinotasuchus get relevant, a partial resistance would still be a very valid and simple solution for the grypo vs grypo problem without being detrimental to those specific counters

At least with swap prevention resistance you could swap out Grypolith if you wanted to, not having both players being physically incapable of doing so.

The stun resistance would also be very unlikely to actually work. It requires 1) both players use priority moves 2) the player that goes 2nd uses Immobilize 3) if the first players priority move is also Immobilize, the second player’s Grypolith isn’t stunned OR swap prevented (which, without swap prevention resistance, it would be, making it impossible to swap anyway) 4) the second player’s use of Immobilize DOES stun and 5) the first player hasn’t used Immobilize in the last two turns, so the second player’s Grypolith can actually swap. Swap prevention resistance is just so much simpler and more guaranteed, I don’t see any reason not to give it to Grypolith.


What you can probably do is a 75% stun resistance and a 25% pin resistance. That way both grounds are covered

The thing is, stun resistance will almost never work without swap prevention resistance, but swap prevention resistance will always work without stun resistance. One of these is clearly more important than the other.


This is for grypo vs grypo. you can immobilize after they regen, or have the chance to swap

As I outlined above though, this is the ONLY time you would be able to swap with only stun resistance, and that’s assuming that you attack second and aren’t already swap prevented from a previous use of immobolize. 25% isn’t a very high chance, so this scenario wouldn’t change much with this resistance. Meanwhile 67% swap prevention resistance simply let’s you swap 67% of the time no matter what your opponent does.

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@Ned could you relay this to the team? This could be a huge deal breaker for this event if not addressed

I agree with this here. Grypo dittos are gonna a right pain if we don’t get this done.

However I do agree with Isaah Wii’s rework, especially the part about Ferocious Defense. That move really does need to reworked to make it work better. Hopefully they address that in the next patch.


@admins Is there any updates to this situation? The patch notes did not address this and it is coming up. This NEEDS to change ASAP or else the event is going to be ruined